Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sarah Palin, I Have Two Wieners

... from my song contest. Oops! Typo in the title of this post. Sorry, it's supposed to be "winners", not "wieners". And how the heck did Sarah Palin's name get in the title --again. Darned gremlins!

Before I tell you about the song and who won, how's abouts I put up a picture of a naked, colorful gal. No, not Sarah Palin.
flying turtledove

The turtledoves are darned common down here so I usually don't even bother photographing them. In fact, this one happened to fly in to the area I'd pre-focused on to get one of the rainbow lorikeets in flight. The lories have a darned fast wingbeat and pre-focusing on a spot is a good way to get good pics of them. Of course, then you've got to wait for one of the little green buggers to fly through your focus area...

The contest winners are Ishmael from Kodiak, Alaska and Cathy from Kotzebue, Alaska (she's Tundra Tantrum and I'm jealous of her camera). Now, I'm not surprised at all that Fishmeal would know the song, but I was surprised that Cathy knows it. Maybe it gets lots of airtime in rural Alaska? Or perhaps it was played at the local Freaker's Ball, held recently in Ester?

What was the song? Well it was I Got Stoned and I Missed It by Dr.Hook and The Medicine Show. I'm not sure if it came out before they shortened the band name to Dr. Hook or not --my memory is a little bit suspect from back then. It's rather funny, wouldn't be surprised to hear that ole Dr Demento aired the song.

So here's the deal for Ish and Cathy: Rummage through my archives, pick your ten most favorite pics and I'll make a screensaver of them (windows only, sorry). OR select 10 pics and I'll make wallpapers from the original files sized for your screen. This is open to negotiation, BTW. My email is


So, does anyone have any ideas for another contest?

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