Monday, November 23, 2009

Flooding at Oodnadatta

What do you think happens when you have massive thunderstorms that dump over 3 inches of rain in an area that hasn't seen rain in a while?

Yup, you get a flood watch.

There's a flood watch for the Northeastern Pastoral District out past Oodnadatta.



Neat name, wouldn't want to live there though.


For the Northeast Pastoral district east of Oodnadatta.
Issued at 11:50 am on Monday, 23 November 2009

Synoptic Situation:
A low pressure system is expected to develop in the far northeast of the state
during Tuesday and move to a position just northwest of Coober Pedy on
Wednesday, generating thunderstorms. An upper low in the far north near
Oodnadatta will remain near stationary over the next few days, with a band of
rain with local heavy falls wrapping around the low from the northeast, starting
in the far northeast corner today, north of Leigh Creek on Tuesday, north of
Broken Hill Wednesday and throughout east of Oodnadatta on Thursday, contracting
southeast and clearing later in the day.

Observed: Falls over the south of the Northeast Pastoral of 30-90 mm have been
recorded over the last few days and local areas of flooding exist there.

Forecast: In the period until late Thursday falls of 50-70 mm northeast of
Moomba, 20-50 mm elsewhere east of Oodnadatta.

Flood Risk:
Significant falls have already occurred in the south of the Northeast Pastoral.
Expected rainfall may lead to further local flooding. In the north of the
Northeast Pastoral east of Oodnadatta, there has been less rain, but forecast
amounts may produce local flooding there.

For up to date information on weather forecasts and warnings, please refer to
the Bureau of Meteorology web site:
More detail on current river height and rainfall information is available at

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