Monday, November 02, 2009

There's A Fine Line Betwixt Genius And Crazy

And I sometimes find myself with one foot firmly planted on the genius side, while the other foot tap dances on the crazy side.

Here's some examples.

Genius: Moving from a very cold climate (where I punched a clock), to a much warmer climate (where I'm not punching a clock.

Crazy: Living in a place where the temperature is triple digits in the shade while it's still spring.

Genius: Having a pool to jump into in order to cool off.

Crazy: Living in a place that measures rainfall in tenths of millimetres. That's 1/254 of an inch, btw. Much time can pass without any measurable rainfall.

See??? I'm sure you can think of your own examples pertaining to pretty much anything. Give it a go!

I'll now give you some visual examples. The first will be Genius --that'd be me, and the second will be crazy --that'd NOT be me.

What does a genius do when it's 103 F in the shade and 136 F in the sun?
in the pool 00
The genius lounges in the pool with a water temp of 81 F!

What does a crazy do when it's 103 F in the shade and 136 F in the sun?
crazy cat

I swear to you that the bricks are too hot to walk on in bare feet. I truly have no idea how (or why) a black furry cat does this. My vote: CRAZY!

Here's where YOU get to be clever and witty! This next picture was not planned, it just happened. I have several awesome ideas (naturally since I'm a genius) for captions and stories for this pic. But I want to read yours! Be as silly or gruesome as you'd like, no worries.


Really ready?

Really really REALLY ready?

in the pool 01

Go for it! How funny can you be?


Anonymous said...

I've got nada for your pic, but I will say that don't worry, you are completely bat shit, off the wall, crazy, but it's the crazy ones who appear sane to me.

Toshua said...

Anybody still wearing a beard and long hair in those temps is nuts.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

ScienceBloke: Does this mean that $P (the crazy ex-gov from AK) appear sane to you? Scary thought, mate. Veeeeery scary.

Toshie: Oi mate! Welcome back from the South Sandwich Isles! Did the O.F. enjoy the scenery? I tried ringing, but couldn't get through.

Alaska-womom said...

I must be sort of slow AKDU-because it is November and it is -10. Uk, I wish we had a pool, except it would be a skating rink. You lucky, brilliant dog you!

Anonymous said...


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