Friday, November 27, 2009

New And Improved! Now With Even MORE Full Frontal Nudity!

I have just realised something. No, not THAT! Sheesh, y'all are disgusting!

I've realized that when I post funny things or funny pictures or stupid stories about me (don't swoon ladies, I'm human) I get a helluva lot more comments than when I post boring stuff.

Hmmmmm, this explains the popularity of silly reality shows as opposed to hard-hitting, factual news stuff.

Verdict: It's all about ENTERTAINMENT!

I've also noticed that not too many of you get my quickie, obscure puns and references to obscure stuff. But don't worry, I'll keep putting them in --an example is the "don't swoon" throwaway I use. Until someone. who is not an Aussie, can explain it then I'm gonna keep using it!

So there.


I started this here blog with the intent that each post would have a humourous story about my youth in Alaska, plus something to do with food.

Since then, I've hived off a food blog and the rest of the blog has taken several turns. Some of them drastic, some not. But I did give meself whiplash on one of the turns.

I guess it all comes back to keeping y'all (give yourselves a hand, just don't forget to shave your palm afterwards) entertained.

Apparantly, lately, asking for kapshuns for a photo just doesn't keep you entertained. Perhaps it's cus you have to jump start the ole unused brain cells? Or maybe you're too busy shaving your palms perhaps?

Either way, I'm disappointed. This pic


was an open invitation to you. Open season on dave! Perhaps he was being abducted by weird alien parrots. Maybe his private parts got caught in the pool filter. Or that this was his expression when he found out just how much a sunburned wang-doodle hurts.

Sheesh. And there I was thinking it was just too easy.

I've got similar pics of myself with the same expression, dontcha know.

Here's one of them:


Been trying to get a pic where the double opposable thumbs of a koala are showing. Got one!
koala showing dual opposable thumbs


... and that's how I got stinking rich!

Which brings me back to photos.

Specifically ones of me showing full frontal nudity.


jumping in the pool 01

Please note that I was very careful to keep my wang-doodle from getting sunburned.

jumping in the pool 02

And I just can't resist putting this photo up ONE MORE TIME! Why? Well cuz it's the bestest ever official guvmint photo EVER!



Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

It is a good thing I did not overeat yesterday...

dragonfly said...

Did you ever get those private parts out of the pool filter?

Anonymous said...

Haha. I favorite bit is the crocs.

As for captions...hmm...

"Hey, Billy Bob lookee here at this."

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

SV Meerkat: Jus' doin' me best to 'elp ya stay on a diet --not that you need to, of course.

dragonflying: The ladies don't call me "Stretch" for nothing.

Sciencebloke: I live in my crocs. From Cooper's Brewery, doncha know.
"Hey, Billy Bob lookee here at this." ROFLMA! Great one.