Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's More Fun When We Share

Yes, isn't it great when we all get along and help each other? Sigh.... Blissful harmonics playing betwixt my ears...

So, as you can surmise, I, quite obviously, need your help, of course.

*opps, attack of the superflous commas, please excuse*

So, like, what do I need your help with, you might ask? I need your help with two things.

The first, being before the second, is help with deciding what the title of my next blog post should be. Or not to be. Either or neither, no worries mates!

Here are your two choices --oh, just please keep in mind (yours, not mine) that the second place finishing title will be used in a post subsequent to the winning title, which will, of course, be used first.


Here's the query (as best I can frase it): Should the title of the next blog post from Yours Truly (That'd be me. Don't swoon ladies, I'm human) be

Mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-MY Tomatoes

or should the next post be titled thusly:

And Now With Even More Full Frontal Nudity

As I'm sure my more astute readers will surmise, the pictures for one post will be just, shall we say, slightly different from the pictures used in the other post. Keep in mind the way my mind works and then you may, perhaps, have an idea of the type of pictures I will be posting. Then again, maybe not.

So, what's it gonna be: Tomatoes or Full Frontal Nudity?

Whilst you are pondering your decision of whether or not you will vote and if so, then what your vote will be, how's about a quiz?

This involves a critter.

Specifically the foot of a critter.

It's easy. I give you a picture of a foot of a critter, and you guess what it is! Simple as cake! Piece of pie!

Put on your thinking caps (Aussies have to wait at least 2 days before guessing so that the Northern Hemisphere Heathens have a chance) and give it a go mates!

what is this

On your marx, git sit, and GO!


la isla d'lisa said...

Is it an ostrich? A bunyip? A T-Rex? And for some reason after reading that first post title option I keep singing "my my my my my boogie shoes!", so thank you.

Ishmael said...

WTF is that????!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

I'm disturbed by that... you don't see scaly things on land in Alaska.

That is way too scaly to be a bird, but I don't know of any lizard-like things with legs that long....

I"m going to guess it's your lizardskin glove and you're talking pictures of your self doing a one-handed push-up in it.....

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

It's wifey-poo!!!
Sorry. Cause I am absolutely sure I like her.
Tomatoes sung to the tune of My Sharona.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I second what Ishmael wrote. Honestly, I do not want to meet that creature.....if it is one.

How does that mind of yours work?


Anonymous said...

It's an ostrich! Now what did I win? A trip down under?


Arvay said...

I suppose you find this emusing?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

la isla d'lisa: Why yes. Yes it is a bunyip. Why is it you seem to get songs stuck in your head?

Fishsticks: Believe it or not, I did used to be able to do one-handed pushups. That's back when I had muscle instead of flab. It's actually a picture of my hand after I've been in the sun too long.

SV Meerkat: It's wifey-poo!!! Hey! Come down here and say that!

Rebecca The First: How does that mind of yours work? Well, there's only two brain cells left and in order for them to "work" I have to bang my head really hard against a brick wall to get them bouncing around. Usually after about 5 minutes of that they make contact and sometimes bestow a thought or two.

Rebecca The Second: Nope, not an ostrich, but close. Of course you win a trip down under. You'll have to buy your own plane ticket, though. Would you like an Aussie critter screensaver or wallpaper instead?

Arvay: Yup, completely, 100% emusing! Yes, it's the foot of an emu, good on ya mate. Would you also like a critter screensaver or wallpaper?

dragonfly said...

Wth! *googles "bunyip"*...uh, yikes!

And thank you, Ms. La Isla, for putting the "boogie shoes" song on my head, it won't go away! (However, silver lining, it did override "my sharona")

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, I'm Rebecca the first and second and since you asked, I'd like a screen saver. Now about the trip down under........ when should I make my plane reservations? I assume accommodations include the pool shown in your pics, food prepared by none other than the author himself and of course a little of your home brew thrown in for good measure!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

dragonflying: Have you ever heard a bunyip? They sound like wild boars about to charge out of the underbrush. Scary buggers.

Rebecca: Yeah, I knew it was you :) Any particular type of critters (like all koalas, or roos, or cockies, etc)? Perhaps a medley? Lemme know what type of critters (or any other pics) and I'll make up a screensaver of 15 of them --or 20, or 10, whatever, no worries.
Now, about that trip. If you can make it down here then you can crash here at Castle Trebmal, no worries. The pool is bloddy freezing during the cold months though. You've been warned.

Arvay said...

Thanks! But I already have my own critter wallpaper. And you can guess who stars. :)

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Arvay: I'm guessing your 2 awesome ski-joring huskies along with the 2 wonderful, white bunnies.