Sunday, March 21, 2010

Alien Abduction Act IX... Alien Ship Identified!

Yes folks! You finally get to learn the identity of the Alien Space Ship that abducted me while I was an undead, lightning-charged, sledge-hammer wielding, brain-eating, Zombie!

I'm not like than anymore. In fact, I'm back to my normal, sane, healthy self! For what THAT'S worth...

Before you get to read about Act IX, can I tell (write) you a few things? Yes? Great.

Firstly, this years' total tomato(e) tally was *drum roll please* 1,287. That's a nice lot of tomatoes I must say. Oh, my ultra-hot chillis are ready to be harvested --always let them not only ripen but start to dry while still on the plant that way they are even spicier.

Nextly, another Thing You Won't Learn About Me By Reading This Blog! I was tagged a while back and I'm kinda doing one thing per post. Perhaps one of my regular readers could let me know when I reach 7? Ta. Here it is: I didn't garden or grow nuthin' back in Alaska. Seriously! For one thing I was too busy working. And I've found out that flora grows very easily down here. Heck, take a dry stick and shove it in the ground, next time you look at it it'll be a full grown apple tree! Easy-peasy!

And the final thing before I turn you over to Act IX, I have some nice rainbow lorikeet pictures for you. 4 of them, in fact.

hungry lorikeet 01

hungry lorikeet 02

hungry lorikeet 03

hungry lorikeet 04

Please feel free to caption them if you so desire --comments ARE enabled and have always been.

And one more thing: We just had our fall equinox down here (and yes, the moon is upside down here also, too) which means it's now frightfully cold. 90F in the shade, 84 F in the pool, and 118 F in the sun. Sigh, someone wake me when summer comes back, wouldja?

Alrighty! Last we left our hero (that'd be me) I was still a zombie and was being transported up to the alien ship after smashing the pyramid on top of our house with my lightning-charged sledgehammer. I'm sure I don't have to remind you this is a TRUE story.

Oh, I just had a thought! How's abouts a quick photo recap for those who came in late? Don't worry, I'm using smaller sized pics so it should load quick.


zombie dave 01


into orbit

chinese spy satellite photo

There! Everyone knows what is going on now? Good, perhaps you could tell me --just kidding.

As I was approaching the alien ship in the transporter beam I distinctly remember seeing some lettering on the ship. Obviously this must be the ship's name and registration number. I mean c'mon, Gene Roddenberry PROVED that all space ships have the name and rego on them in a language that we can all read! I think right now the US space ships are identified by the drug of choice of the previous prez. At present it's Coke. And before then it was Viagra! And when there's a new prez then the labeling will be changed to Marlboro.

Ok, back to the story...

So would you all like to know the name and rego of this alien ship that abducted me? Since I have a fotografeek memory I just plugged myself into the ole scanner and shot this image into the ole series of tubes:

I reasoned it of course was an abbreviation of Alien Space Ship. Not very imaginative are they?

The rego (aussie slang for car registration number) confused me. In my zombie state I couldn't think of what it may stand for...
close approach
C4P-PFP2012??? What in the world could that mean??

But I didn't have time to dwell on it as the transport beam shoved me headfirst into the A.S.S. designated C4P-PFP2012. In my zombie state all I could think about was just how juicy and tasty and HUGE the brains of the aliens must be!

Coming up soon: Act X: onboard the A.S.S.

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