Friday, March 19, 2010

Tropical Sunset Photo UPDATED

Go ahead and click on it to embiggin it. It's 1024 by 768, made for a 4:3 monitor.

Oops. Forgot to do a bit of post-production cleanup... here ya go, compare to the one above.

Yes, it is 3d. I wasn't going to post it cus I kinda messed up on the clouds (or LACK THEREOF) on the left side of the sky and I put waaaaaaay too much algae on the beach. For those of you in the tropics, you'll notice that the size of the sun is too small for the size of the reflection. But dang did I NAIL those sunset colors! And I got the shore foam of the ocean right this time. Took about 2 hrs to make and 32 minutes to render.

As I said, I wasn't going to post it but Wifey-Poo insisted. She obviously either A) didn't see the errors or B) was stroking my fragile ego.

Personally, I like it when she strokes other things of me besides my ego.

And I'm just about done with the lettering detail on the outside of the alien ship that abducted me so in the next post you'll find out the callsign of the ship!

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