Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alien Abduction Act IX --Promotional Teaser

Yup, we still aren't inside the alien ship. Why not? Well, ummmm, the interior of the ship is still being designed and the 3d of Yours Truly (don't swoon ladies, I'm human) is not done yet. But the aliens are! Except for their leader of course.

To tide you over till the REAL Act IX, I have some stills for you. This first one is the interior of the ship. It's a total 3d environment so you'll get to see how much fun I had as a zombie smashing alien heads and eating their brains.

alien ship test

As I said, it's a full 3d enviro so it'll be loads of fun for us all! My model is already done except for the head mapping. Yes, my head (and the rest of me --use your imagination!) will be all 3d'd. Had to slick the hair back cus hair will be added later, just needed the head shot to get the mapping. Here's a quick screenshot of the process.

me 3deed
Ain't I purdy? I tried to get my best crazed zombie dave expression. How do you think I did?

I also have a present for you for putting up with this story for so long. Just click on the pic below to embiggen it to 1200 by 900. Feel free to use it as wallpaper, no worries.

This is the first time I've tried making 3d landscapes. Not too shabby for a first try. I didn't do any shoreline detailing, still gotta figure that out. And I went with fairly generic clouds too. That image took over 30 mins to render at full size on this ole P4, btw. At 1200 by 900 it's a 4:3 ratio (if you made it past 4th grade mathematics you'd already know that) so it'll fit a standard square screen monitor. Hope you like it.

More soon, I gots to go work on dinner now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave!
Love the picture

la isla d'lisa said...

You made that river scene? That's pretty freaking cool, Dave.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

chester: No worries mate. Glad you like it.

la isla d'lisa: Me likey 3d software stuff :) It was meant to look something like a section of the Inside Passage in SE Alaska, but hey, if it looks like a river to you then who am I to argue? I've got it on my 'puter as wallpaper so feel free to use it.

TwoYaks said...