Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Gone To Hide In Woods

Yep, Wifey-Poo and Yours Truly are going to go hide in the woods and get away from REAL LIFE and the damned high 3 month gas bill --more about that in another post.

And I'll have to fill you in on the backstory for WP's and YT's saying of "gone to hide in woods"... But not today.

Instead, I thought I'd let Hoges entertain you with a classic clip from his show in the mid 1970's A.D.

And I'll also tell you that Delvene Delaney has not aged one bit in the ensuing 30-odd years --hubba, HUBBA! If you think this is sexist, you are WRONG! It's about the stupidity of GUYS!

I also get annoyed with crappy quality youtube vids, so I made this one ultra high quality, and I'm sure you'll all appreciate it :)

And Delvene is still married to the same bloke --the guy who played Strop in The Paul Hogan show.

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