Saturday, March 27, 2010

Turning water into ice using Terragen Basic

hungry cockatoo

As some of my regulars may have surmised, I have not always been down unda in the land of eternal summer, warm water, beautiful beaches, and scantily clad bikini bimbos. And I sure hope Wifey-Poo ain't reading this...

Anyways, I'm from the land of eternal darkness, extreme cold (even in the "summer"), where everyone lives in igloos and dog mushes to work.

I guess what I'm getting at is that I have sort of a passing acquaintance with ice. As in I know what it looks like in various forms and settings. This knowledge naturally leads me, of course, to 3d work.

As in, how the heck to get the water in Terragen Basic ver0.9.43 to look like a frozen over fiord? It's fairly easy to get snow and ice on the ground using various surface mapping layers, but what about freezing the water?

I've even checked out some online galleries to see if anyone else had done --nope. Although I'm sure someone has, I just didn't feel like wasting more than 45 seconds searching.

So I kinda played around with the water on the computer screen to see if I could make the ocean/bay/lagoon look frozen.

Of course I could --duh, otherwise I wouldn't be telling you about it.

I wasn't really concerned with the mountains, snow, clouds, or sun. My main attention was on the water.

Here's what I ended up with. Two pics, one is straight out of Terragen and the other is after I did some post work with Irfanview. Lemme know which one looks better as far as the ice goes, PLEASE!

Just click on each to embiggin them, no worries. For those of you up in "winter wonderland" regions lemme know what you think, ta.

Now for the nuts n bolts of the water settings in case any Terrageners stumble upon this post. Tell you what, how's about I just upload screen caps of the water settings? Much easier than doing a bunch of typing.





Don't worry about a serious post like this becoming a staple (OUCH! It went through my finger!) of this blog as I'll soon be returning you to your regularly scheduled sillyness.

In fact, I've modeled my 3d zombie body with my head on it and am ready to run amok through the corridors and caves of the A.S.S. --Alien Space Ship-- while searching desperately for brains to eat as I was still an undead, brain-eating zombie at this point.

So, like, stay tuned, eh?


TwoYaks said...

Interesting! I'd say the first looks more ice-like to me. Really what'd be best is if you could get some snow on it. It's been a long time since I've played with terragen, but I think you'd have to create another, very tiny heighfield that sticks out something like .1 above the surface. I pulled Terragen up to give that a try on my own, but it turns out I haven't played with it in a year, and forgot most of the controls. >.>

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I think the first looks more icelike the more I look at it too. I had the same thoughts for the snowfield and was also going to carve some bergs with a few child surface maps to go on them.

However, I first wanted to make sure that I could make the ice and by the time it was done rendering it was time to go play in the kitchen.

I'll see if I can find time to give it a go today, but I do have to put priority on me running around the A.S.S. and smashing heads.