Sunday, May 30, 2010

Apologies Abound...

...from me to YOU! Yes, you. No, not that other you, butt YOU my faithful readers! Ah, this'd be "you" in the plural sense, not singular. Of course if I was typing this in Deutsch then I'd be using "ihr" instead of "du" and all this silliness of "you" vs "you" BS wouldn't even exist.

Butt since I'm typing this in English, I felt I should qualify the "you" to mean "you all", or p'haps "y'all" for short. Actually it wouldn't be "for short" as yawls are generally not too short for a boat.

Is everyone just as kon-phuzz-ed as I am? Or are "you" knot?

On a side note, I absolutely DID NOT think about the prose I used above. It just came to me. Now I do think about blog stuff throughout the day, but generally (how's abouts always) the thought shoots itself (for some unknown reason, drawn to the darkness, perhaps?) into one ear, bounces around for a fleeting moment or two, and then quickly ejects itself out the other ear --never to be heard from again. Gotta tell ya, this blog would be a heckuva lot more entertaining if you knew what some of those thoughts were. And then we'd both be in jail.

For those of you who know me (shut up, Karl) the above blathering is absolutely know surprise.

Back to my apology.

I haven't had the time lately to surf some of my fav blogs. And the times when I have had a squizz at them I haven't had time to formulate a comment. And that's bad cus there are sooooo many things I want to comment about. I think.

Why has time compressed itself around me? One word: Family. As in the one I married into. And also the other one soon-to-not-be in Alaska.

It all revolves around MIL --that's mum-in-law btw. See (read), she's had this surgery and doctor appointments scheduled for a while now. It has to due with her teeth.

Or lack thereof.

21 left, of which 12 were infected remnants buried in her jaw and of the 12 still showing over half of them were "bad". Bad as in REALLY F*CKING BAD. Why does she have all these teeth and gum problems "you" ask? 60 years (she's 80) of battling Crohn's disease will sorta do that to you. That and the 5 emergency bowel surgeries along with the cancer surgery.

She's a tough old lady, that is for sure. Oh, the best oral surgeon in South Oz said (without batting an eye) she will be so much happier with those teeth gone. He was right, 36 hours later and she really is happy as a clam.

Now she just has to heal up enough for the dentures.

To add to the drama: 10 days ago BIL got an urgent email from the Flinders Biology dept beggin for folks to cook for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea. This is country wide in all hospitals and Unis. Needless to say, I volunteered as every cent raised goes to the local hospital or Uni cancer research dept. My food was a huge success and there were no leftovers.

The Tea was the day before mum's surgery. And the preceding week was spent in various doctor's offices.

When I wasn't taking care of MIL, I was cooking --or, at least, thinking about cooking, kinda like I'm doing right now. To say that it was a busy week would be a rather sizable understatement. Rather Sizable.

Butt everything turned out great. Food was good, and MIL came through the surgery a million percent better than we thought she would.

Except for the bruising.

Did I mention she's a "bruiser" and a "bleeder"? Well, I have now. In fact just taking the tape off of her eyelids after surgery (don't ask) caused a wee bit of bruising. In fact, both the anesthesiologist and the surgeon personally called us to tell us that not only was it a success, but to tell us about the bruising and how shocked they were.

Didn't surprise us. We did tell them, but I don't think the really understood just how easily she bruises and how "interesting" the bruises can look. Yes, I keep a good supply of arnica cream around.

Anyways, when WP and I went to collect MIL, the nurses in the ward were telling us they had never seen anything like it. Apparently they must have been trying to fortify our constitutions for the impending hideousness we were about to see...

Nah, we've seen worse.

In fact MIL was laughing about all the attention, and yes, I've seen her looking worse --long story.

Now for the FUN part! MIL wanted pictures so she could remind herself of what she looked like with no teeth and being something out of a horror flick. And she even wanted to share it with the world.

The world being those of "you" who read this.







Just click on the pic to expand it up to full size, no worries!


Riago7 said...

Awwww ... Bless her heart.

Just wish the dear lady well as she recuperates from all of this. Gotta admire her sense of humor! And just hope the frantic pace can settle down (as much as possible in "your" world, that is!) for the rest of you, too.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Linda: I'll pass along your thoughts to her, no worries. She really is doing a million percent better than we thought!

Arvay said...

She sounds like a really awesome character! Tell her to heal up soon!

scienceguy288 said...

I hope all continues to go well.

Titanium said...

She is one TOUGH lady! Tell her she is gorgeous, and it shines though in spite of it all. Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

MIL thanks each and every one of you! And I printed out the comments for her to read.

Alaena said...

Oh my gosh! Give her my best wishes to feel better! If I was her, I'd milk this one for all it's worth... maybe tell people she got the bruises in a bar fight... and you should see the other guy...

la isla d'lisa said...

holy guacamole, batman ... someone slathered eggplant all over your MILs face. my word! i am so glad she's feeling so much better so quickly, though. MOST awesome!