Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sarah Palin Plotting The Demise of Anonymous Bloggers!

And oh boy we had all better watch out! The Mean Girl Sarah Palin is definitely on a roll and has her groove back! I also have a candid picture of her plotting just how she'll get us and take over the world!

See, look!
cloaked Sarah Palin

If that's not an face hatching evil plots then I don't know what it is!

Just one glance in my direction of that mean girl glare of hers totally shocked me!
awkward koala

That evening I decided to channel my "inner" Sarah Palin and cook up some critters:

Mmmmmmm, soup stock in the making! I wonder if $arah Palin knows this recipe?
cooking critters

I then found peace and solitude with my chilli plants...

until I noticed one of her spies recording my every move!
mantis hiding

Aiiiiiiiigh! Run away! Run VERY FAR AWAY!

*For you newbies here, I named one of the female galahs that hangs around in the backyard Sarah Palin. Not sure where I got the name from, but it sure did make for some interesting visitors to this blog in late 2008.*


Alaena said...

What the?.... It looks like you're eating a pot full of dinosaurs there... I assume their crabs, but OY! are they uuuugly!

I am suffering from chili envy tho...

TheJayBob said...

Yeah, what are those shelled creatures?? Ew.

And I agree with Alaena, the chilis look good.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Guess I gotta talk about the bugs now... and the chillis...

Loose hairstyle said...

it looks good but i cannot try this for eat because i think it is a show piece.