Monday, May 10, 2010

Tag! Splat! I'm It!

Yep, I've tagged again. Ker-splat! Ti got me again, guess I didn't run fast enough, eh?

I always hated that game on the elementary school playground. Because of my dislike of the childhood game of tag, I usually don't pass them along. Butt I do post the tag. I think I'll pass this one along though.

I'm supposed to go to my 8th photo folder, find the 8th photo in it, and tell the story behind the particular photo in question. Fine, I can do that, no worries. I'm also supposed to pass it along to 2^3 folks. I'll pass it along, no worries. Maybe...

I went with my flickr account sets to find the 8th folder. Unfortunately there were only 2 in it and they were both vids. Since it was a vid folder I then went to the 9th folder which was the axshuual 8th photo folder. Did y'all follow that?

This folder was titled, "Me" so naturally I stood a very good chance of being able to make up some kind of crap about the picture that y'all might believe. Or I could tell the truth... Hmmmmmmmmm, decisions, decisions...

Well, for what it's worth, here is the picture:
new goofy shirt

Oh yeeeeeeeah!

This t-shirt tied for first place in my most coolest pressie of the Christmas just passed.

Here's what it tied with:
santa slays

I can shoot water over 10 metres with this baby! Great pool toy!

Back to the t-shirt.

I like t-shirts, I pretty much live in them. Well, ok, sometimes I wear shorts too... Although I don't wear them when I sleep. Nude for me! Whoops, I'm starting to digress; back to the shirt.

Quite a few decades ago, whilst I was at Uni, I received a very nice t-shirt. It was from a girl I knew from hanging out and shooting pool with. And the bowling alley. And the pub. Is it any wonder I spent 10 years as an undergrad? Ole Sarah Palin didn't have nothin' on me when it came to goofing around as an undergrad! Although I never did pull a fire alarm in a dorm so she's ahead of me there, but I am one of the ones responsible for dorm floor parties being banned for a few years at ole UAF --so there, SP!

Anyways... this girl --whose name I've totally forgotten-- went to Disneyland for Spring Break. Naturally I asked her, quite suavely mind you, to "Cool! Bring me back a t-shirt!"

She did (yep, always have had a way with the babes) and here is what it was:

It obviously became one of my most favoritists t-shirts EVAH!

Fast-forward to the present, presently. My precious Goofy t-shirt was totally tattered. 25 years of me wearing and sweating in kinda did it in --and believe you me if you knew my sweat you'd be wondering how it lasted that long!

Around October of '09 one of my nice, kind, wonderful, loyal readers asks me if she can send me anything for Christmas. Since they are in SoCal somewhere I figured they'd know where a Disney store is in their neighborhood. Well, not only that but her niece was actually going to Disneyland soon!

A package arrived in late November. Wifey-Poo (the most wonderful woman in the entire world) made me put it under the Christmas tree. There it sat for a month until it's grand unveiling! I kinda had a general idea of what it might be, but dang this is just SOOOO COOL!
new goofy shirt

So thank you muchly to SV Meerkat, and I promise those DVDs I made for you will be in the post... tomorrow.

Now I get to tag 8 peoples...

How's abouts...

SV Meerkat
La Isla d'Lisa
Two Yaks
Up In Alaska
All About Her
Silicon Valley to Tanana Valley
Crazy in Alaska
Tundra Tantrum

Please don't feel any pressure on this tag, no worries.


Alaena said...


Love the t-shirt! I have one from the Smithsonian that is the ugliest thing ever (what was I thinking?) but I can't bear to part with it. It's so comfy and raggedy. Perfect for chores. Or sleeping. Which I do more of than chores. But I digress.

Anonymous said...

Heh-heh... see Dave run... *grins*

Fizzgig said...

uh it. lol
ive had a tshirt almost that long too, my student of the month tshirt, i still wear that one proudly!!

la isla d'lisa said...

will do, but i've got to wait on getting my 'puter back from repair. i like that music, when did you put it up and what is it from? i usually have the volume off so i tend to miss when you make changes, but not this time! it's very good.

Arvay said...

Sorry, Dingo Dave. Mine was quite boring; it was a photo I had actually posted in the blog a month or so prior! :)

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Alaena: I like your writeup. I'dve added fangs and horns though, but that's just me.

Ti: See dave run... see dave puke... see dave do the Equinox in 3:40. That was a few decades ago, of course.

la isla d'lisa: The music is part of the soundtrack to Hero. This one is the Overture, and I'll put up the next one today. It's not a Hollywood style Jet Li movie, but Beijing style. Very very good movie. But you do have to pay attention to it.

Arvay: Nothing boring about the butts of your girls :)