Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beware The Ides of July

Why? Cus that's halfway through Le Tour and my brain is spacey. Gee dave, why is your brain spacey? Cus staying up all night and then trying to fake like I'm doing something the next day kinda makes me loopy.

And the fact that SBS broadcasts the whole darned thing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT LIVE means that I just have to stay up for it.

Ok, I'm sure y'all don't wanna here about the Tour so how's abouts we play some games instead? Doesn't everyone love to play games? Or did everyone leave never-land and grow up? Sheesh, idjits.

Ok, first game: Spot the koala!
hiding koala 02

Ha! I win!
hiding koala 01

Didcha'll know I've got telescopic eyesight? Well, now you do.

20/15, thank you very much. Course, I do have to put on glasses for various activities... like driving, cycling, watching the telly, spotting koalas, peering into alternate realities, cooking, reading, masturbating (need a wide-angle lens), walking, eating, chewing gum, staring off into space, pruning, counting the craters on the moon's Sea of Tranquility... You know, normal, everyday stuff that y'all do.

Next game: Who or what am I?

This is easy, I'll put up a photo of a critter and you (yes, YOU) try to figure out what it is. And I'll even be nice and put up high-quality pics. Unlike some dastardly bloke somewhere up north who puts up blurry, tiny pics and videos where the critter hides behind an old dock and expects us to figure out what it is.


No, I'll be nicer than that.

We'll start with two easy ones:


So, get out your googling fingers, start your engines, stoke the furnace, fire up the boiler, and give it a go mates!


Cathy said... about a white faced heron and a kelp gull?

Anonymous said...

Would you all like to know the REAL reason YT needs glasses?


Anonymous said...

I was never that great at where's waldo.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Cathy: White-faced heron, check. Kelp gull --very very very close. I'll give y'all a few more days.

WP: We'll talk about this tonight, in private.

Sciencebloke: I just look for the brown furry bumps in certain gum trees waaaaaaaaay up high.

Anonymous said...

Would you all like to know the REAL reason YT needs glasses?

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