Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Name This Duck!

Neither myself nor WP had ever seen a quacker like this bugga before. Naturally I just had to take some pics of it to share with all of my five faithful readers --along with my 1000 unfaithful readers.

But let us just backtrack to the previous post where I put up a pic of a heron and a gull. It seems that y'all may have given up when Cathy put up her two choices --she was bored all day in the hospital so it's no surprise she had time to do the research, but don't worry, everything is fine now... so's Cathy.

I do need to give y'all a bit more time from last post. Cathy had pegged the White-Faced Heron, but not the other one. Gotta give her credit though cus her guess is soooooo close to what it is that many birdie folk consider them the same bird. That's a HINT, btw.

The pic of the second bird showed (or tried to show) the colouring of the tail feathers quite clearly (or so I thought). Here it is for those of you too lazy to scroll down...


There is also a difference in the bill which has to do with the colouration. Here's a good shot of the colouration of the bill --beak, mandible, chomper, whatever


Notice how she put lipstick on! Hmmmmmm, do pigs fly? SP certainly thinks so --well at least she thinks bullshit walks.

So... what kinda birdie is it?

Getting to the subject of todays post: something's just duckie! This should be an easy one for you to get so how's about's not only figuring out the gender of the quacker (that means whether it is a male or female critter) but you also get to find out if it is wild or an escaped domestic!

This should be easy! No worries mates!

Here's the pic of the purdy quacker:

Oops! Sorry about that... I pulled a Two Yaks! I think this next one will make it very easy for you:


Ok, ok. I can hear the torches being lit and the tar n feathers being prepared from way down under. I guess since I *did* ask for the sex --huh huh I said sex-- and the overall feralness of the critter that I should probably give you a couple of closeups.

So here ya go:
just duckie 01

just duckie 02

Alrighty then: NAME THAT DUCK!

and don't forget the gull from last time too...


TwoYaks said...

I name it... Alex.

You better watch it. If you keep this up, and bad things might happen. Like, I have a case of PBR... it would be a shame if you accidentally drank one. >:)

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TwoYaks said...

So of your 5 regular readers, how many of them are spambots? O:)

Muscovy Duck. And the gull looks vaguely like a Pacific Gull.

Casey said...

That's a trick question...

Gender... male
Model... Muscovy
Make... GOOSE

Just some random trivial knowledge from a Virginia farm girl... :-)

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Two Yaks: I give up! Gack! No more!!!! PLEASE don't ever threaten me with having to quaff a PBR... No mas... no mas...

Another Two Yaks: I, umm, sorta, kinda, like, have a *few* more than 5 regulars... I'm guilty of being misquoted! Yes, Muscovy and Pacific Gull. But you still didn't mention gender and domestication!

Casey: Good on ya! Ummmm, everything I've seen says duck instead of goose... Is that a regional usage or did I miss something? God know Aussies have weird regional usages and names of critters. And welcome to a little corner of my brain that I transmit to the blogosphere :) Don't be a stranger.

Casey said...

Ok Dave... I did a bit of phylogenetic research to back up my initial claim, and here is what I discovered:
Apparently Muscovies are part of an "unresolved subfamily," and it's unclear if their genus, Cairina, should be under the shelduck/sheldgoose subfamily, Tadorninae. I've read that they are genetically closer to a goose, though I suppose that's up for debate. Hmmm... I may have just discovered my topic for thesis while attacking my PhD (hah!).
Truth of the matter is... I don't know... and perhaps the "higher ups" don't really know, either. Looks like it's now a matter of semantics... and as far as common names go, I guess the "ducks" have it. :-)
Thanks for giving me reason to reasearch a bit! This is bound to help me with my Trivial Pursuit score...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Casey: See? This is why I post things like this: to get people to research! No, not really... I must admit I did some research too and it seems that it's about 80/20 (my unscientific guesstimate) about whether they are ducks or geese --80% says duck and 20% says geese and the other 14326% don't care. Hmmmmm, wanna cowrite a doctoral thesis with me?

Anonymous said...

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