Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lunch with the Critters

The critters were kind enough to let us (Yours Truly and Wifey-Poo) wander through their home and partake of some sustenance while there. No, we didn't partake of the critters... Just wouldn't seem right to invade their home and then eat them. They were scrawny anyways.

Have I mentioned that there are a LOT of birds down here? Pretty much wherever you go you'll find (and hear) birdses. Naturally, when you break out your picnic lunch there tends to be an exponential increase in the number of them.

This bloke here is a Black-faced miner bird, or a noisy miner. They are a type of honey-eater but they also eat bugs and anything the hairless apes happen to drop on the ground after their picnic.
noisy miner

I have a much, much, muchly betterer picture of one of them. Give me a sec and I'll find it...





Found it! Here ya go:
australian miner bird

Next up is an Aussie Magpie. I don't have too many shots of these blokes. It'd be easy to get pics of them as they are EVERYWHERE!
aussie magpie

It turns out we had set up camp right next a blue gum that a koala was sleeping in. He was sooooo cute!
cute koala

Later on s/he had turned around and I got a pic from right below.
another cute koala

As we were leaving, there were 5 kangaroos crossing the road and hanging out in the grass and trees. 3 momma roos and two young joeys. In fact, one of the joeys was so young he wasn't even peeking out of momma's pouch. But the other one was hopping around like mad --fast lil bugga.
wild roo 01

wild roo 02

wild roo 03

This last pic was the best I could get of the little bouncy bundle of joy. This guy just would NOT stay still. Nor would he move slowly. He had two speeds: hyperactive and full stop.
wild roo 04

We had fish for dinner that night, BTW.


dragonfly said...

Great pictures, as always. And jeez, koala are unbearably cute (sorry - bad joke gene gets away from me sometimes, I honestly didn't realize the unBEARably part till after I typed it =p )

Love the noisy miner, he's neat.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I honestly didn't realize the unBEARably part till after I typed it yeah, riiiiiiight... 'sides, they ain't bears.

Isn't it past your bedtime up there young lady?

dragonfly said...

I know, I know, marsupial. Old habits die hard, I still call them koala bears in my head. Just like I slip up and say "star fish" on occasion, and I've corrected my kids enough times on that one that they'll give me the look when I say it.'

re late hrs: I'm a night owl (btw, I'm not really an owl *snicker*) and it still stays mostly light up here at night, I had a printer to set up, dishes to do, an unfinished book, and that blogging thing.

Anonymous said...

Animals are finicky like that. They are not at all into being photographed.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

dragonfly: I was just joshing with ya mate, no worries. The main bedroom at my old house in Fairbanks had west facing windows. I quite remember crashing at 11 pm with the sunlight still streaming in. Oh, I still say "starfish", but at least I don't say tunafish anymore.

sciencebloke: It seems like koalas don't mind their pic taken, too bad they're always in the same pose! I think the critters listen for cameras being turned on or fiddled with and immediately make it hard to get a pic. Bastahds!

Frances said...

Love the sound of Magpie warbling in the morning.

Great pics as always.

Alaska-womom said...

I thought Alaska was beautiful but I love seeing these pics! I have a request, can you tell your adoring fans about what critters you have to watch out for Down Under?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Frances: The warble of the magpies is very nice. WP's nickname for them is "the squeeky-wheel bird". I like listening to the rainbow lories chittering and whistling quietly to each other --quite the language they have. Oh, blackbirds early in the morning are nice to wake up too. Glad you like the pics, it's the camera. Really!

Alaska-womom: Sounds like a good subject for a post. I think Alaska has more majestic scenery, but I still go around the hills here thinking "what a great day and what a great place." Course, I did that for decades in Alaska so maybe I'm just naturally upbeat and cheery.