Monday, July 27, 2009

The Most Wonderful Woman In The World...

... just happens to be my wife! Why? Well, if she wasn't The Most Wonderful Woman In The World then I wouldn't have married her. Therefore, she must be The Most Wonderful Woman In The World.

Please don't hate, and please don't feel bad ladies. I value each and every one of you. I suppose that goes for the blokes too.

Why again is she The Most Wonderful Woman In The World? I happen to have a birthday arriving sometime in next month's calender. No, don't panic! This date has been a yearly occurrence for at least the last 5 billion years or so. Now, why can I get away with stating that? Any takers?

Anyways, WP (Wifey-Poo, otherwise known as The Most Wonderful Woman In The World) asked me if I wanted a new bike for my birthday.

I have four bikes.

One of which is a snow bike from Fairbanks, Alaska. It's still in it's box. Not exactly useful down here, buuuuuuut you never know!

My mountain bike (do they have mountains down here in Oz?) is an indestructable Kona, no worries there.

My road bike (Rocket Butt) was bought for me by The Most Wonderful Woman In The World 6 years ago. It was four figures even at half off. There's carbon fibre tubing on it. It's great. It's wonderful.

When I needed new cycling shoes WP (The Most Wonderful Woman In The World) MADE me go out and buy a sweet pair of Specialized. I was forced, I tell ya!

After landing head-first on a tree stump (explains a lot, doesn't it?) I was told in no uncertain terms that a new helmet is in order. The colour of the new one even matches Rocket-Butt.

So when WP asked me the other day if I want a new bike for my birthday, I just KNEW she was wanting to buy me one of them new-fangled alloy things made of Unobtainium and costs around $20,000.

I told her I'd have to think about it...





I then told WP I've decided what I want for my birthday.

A cutting board.

Now I'm pretty darned frugal in the kitchen and the cutting board I have is an old off-cut of pine that I got for 2 dollars at a hardware shop 8 years ago. It's held up nicely, but lately the cleaver has been putting some serious divits in it and I have to flip it daily to keep it from warping too much.

I want a real cutting board.

Well, you can guess what WP did. She went onto the ole series of tubes and found the most beautiful cutting board that was handmade in Germany from smoked oak. It's normally $1000 and she found one for $600.

Ummmmmmm... wow!

Of course I told WP that it was the wrong size, and that perhaps could she find one *slightly* cheaper. I think she got the hint and found a very nice one that was well under 3 digits.

Isn't she wonderful?

Why she's shacked up with me I truly have no idea. Well, it might have something to do with the fact that I can lick my eyebrows...

Since you've put up with my drivel to this point, I'll reward you with some birdie pics. These are some more reruns as I haven't had time to go through the last few thousands pics.


bird fight

cockatoo 12

awesome galah wingspread

nice wing

charging cockatoo

upset cockatoo


TwoYaks said...

Jesus! They make cuttingboards that expensive?! What does it do, cut stuff for you? Wow! That's one heck of a gift! Very lucky!

dragonfly said...

You and WP are adorable - it makes me happy to see happy people. Have fun with that cutting board! My son got me a bamboo cutting board for Christmas and I love it, it's pretty on top of being useful. William Morris said something about having nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful - though I'm not sure if that's an "or" or an "and"...i try and shoot for "and". Woops, rambling - what's your take on bamboo cutting boards (since you seem to know your stuff)?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

No, she wasn't going to buy it for me. We both thought it was a total waste, she just wanted me to see it --and then I had to clean my drool off her keyboard.

TwoYaks: For that price it better do the shopping, cut and prepare the food, cook the meal, and serve it. With beer!

dragonfly:You and WP are adorable We hold hands when we're are out and about too. Don't worry about rambling on this blog, no worries mate! Re WM, I hope it's an "or" otherwise I've got a lot of stuff to toss. Bamboo cutting boards: One of the great things about them is they are made from a very sustainable resource --you'll NEVER get rid of bamboo. They are very light and yet hard (as I'm sure you've found out). I've heard that they should be mineral oiled every few months, not sure why. All wooden cutting boards are naturally anti-bacterial and bamboo is no exception to that, cool. However, it is harder than a maple cutting board (my fav, BTW. But much heavier than bamboo --hurts when you drop it on your foot too) so it can dull your knives quicker. I sharpen mine with a sharpening steel often, 20 secs and you've got a sharp knife again. To sum up: bamboo cutting boards are great, just make sure you keep an eye on the sharpness of your knives.

la isla d'lisa said...

Hurrah for WP!!! Question: does a date count prior to the calendar?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

la isla d'lisa: Wp is pretty special! And yes, the date does count as it's based on the orbit of the Earth around the Sun.

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooh. Yes. We are talking about some serious Brownie points here.

Welll ... they make cutting boards up to $995 (!!), and there was this sale, in which you could get one of those for $550, but I have to admit that for a FLAT BLOCK OF WOOD my cutoff point was something in the $250 bracket. I was *very* happy to get one for just under a hundred, including shipping -- and I should think it'll work just as well as the thousand dollar one. I mean, guys, hardwood is hardwood. Right? At least, that's the theory...!

(Aussie chefs: Arcosteel is having a sale right now; their $32 cutting board is going for $19.95 ... I don't know the quality, but the price is right!)

All the best from
Dave's WP