Friday, July 24, 2009

Remember, We're All In This Together...

... as we get older. And greyer. And creakier. And slower.

Speaking of which, y'all need to head of to Ishmael's little corner of the blogosphere and wish him a happy b-day! Make sure you crack jokes about his age, as he appreciates things like that.

I'm sure right now he's finding out some "guy" things about aging. Like unsightly, long, grey, nasal hair. And not being able to keep a coherent thought in your mind for more than 2 seconds (one second for Ish). And the tufts of hair growing on and out of your ears. Or is that just me? And why the hell don't my jeans fit no more?



WP and I are heading out to the park for a few hours this arvo. Gonna go hide in the woods, dontcha know.

I haven't taken many birdy pics lately, but here's some recycled ones for all my new readers:

swinging rainbow lorikeets

lorikeet landing

lorikeets fighting 03


RunninL8 said...

Thanks for the b-day heads up! I'll have to stroll over there...
Nice birdies!

Alaska-womom said...

Oh man, I will give Ol Ishie hell! Too funny,hey, how do you know about the nasal hair anyway????
Great Pics, makes me want to get my camera out-if I can that is in my delicate condition---he-he!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Huh? You mean Fishsticks, errrr, Fishmeal, ummmmm, I mean Ishmael has nasal hair?

And I thought you told me about his b-day...?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

if I can that is in my delicate condition

????? Are you preggers?