Friday, July 17, 2009

My B.I.L. Has a B.L.O.G.

And it's about time too. Not only is he almost finished with his PhD in Archeology (with a great "in" to a fulltime staff job at the Uni) but he's also a darned good modeler.

No, he doesn't pose --THANKFULLY!!!!!

He builds models. Not just any ole things like we all did when we wuz young (I used to put lit firecrackers up the tailpipes of jet fighters and toss them off the balcony), but real, scratch built goodies. He even does his own casting of parts.

Anyways, if'n any of y'all's int'rested in this stuff, then check out:

World in Miniature

As a side note, I'm on a first name basis with our delivery bloke as he brings boxes of kits and plastic fiddly-bits to the house regularly. Rob (delivery bloke) also likes my homebrew.

Next topic:

Have I mentioned it's winter down here in Oz? For those of you who may be hemispherically challenged, seasons here are opposite from what many of you expect. Hmmmm, sure is nice having Christmas when it's 120 F in the shade... *santa loves our pool*

But it is winter. Yes, Oz does get cold. In fact both WP (the most wonderful woman in the entire world, wifey-poo) and YT (Your Truly, that'd be me) have had to put on pants today. Heck, I even put on shoes!!

Oh the horror of this freezing weather. Sigh, HOW will I ever survive this cold climate? Hmmmmm, I guess I can start by pruning the grpae vines, double checking the Lemon Verbena cuttings, pruning back the palm trees out front so the postie can get to the letterbox, and chasing the darned ducks out of the pool so I can have a swim.

See what I go through in the winter here??!!!??!?!

As you can probably tell, I'm being just slightly sarcastic. Just a wee bit. It really is cold down here right now. I'm not joking!

Why, just look at the goosebumps on these blokes as they practice their start manuevers with their 420's:





Yeah, winter kinda sucks down here...

WP and I will be heading up to Wittunga for lunch in a bit, kinda breezy with a windchill down to somewhere in the mid 60's... I'd better wear my bunny boots!

BTW, how come NO ONE has even mentioned the really cool movie stunt in Project A, Part One? It is the best movie stunt evah!


la isla d'lisa said...

Oooooh! Pretty blues!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

And I did no computer enhancements! That's how it really looks!