Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Winter In Oz...

... means almond blossoms!!! And the cherry blossoms will soon be following on! Naturally, this calls for pics of almond blossoms.

I just happen to have taken a "few". Oh, for my new readers, if anyone wants any of my pics cropped to your screen size for wallpaper then just let me know, no worries. I'll go back to the original file so you get a high quality wallpaper.

Ain't I nice?

No, don't answer that...

Ok, almond blossoms:

almond blossom with bee
Those of you with good eyesight "may" be able to find a bee in that shot.

Here's an easier one. There's 2 live thingies in this pic. Can YOU find and identify them both?
almond blossom 02

And when the sun is dipping down below the height of the almond tree I can get some really nice shots. Oh, I'm standing next to the pool, btw.
almond blossom 01

almond blossom 03

almond blossom 04

almond blossom 05

And what can dave do on a freezing cold winter day? Well, besides cooking, of course? He can play around with one of his two new 3d programs. Unfortunately, the learning curve for 3ds Max is pretty steep so it'll be a while before you see some awesome stuff from that. And it has lots of very thick manuals. And WP comandeered the other program that's specifically for making characters. Sigh...

So I went back to my good ole trusty standbye prog that was made for (hold onto your hats) Windows 3.1! Yes, it still runs under XP, not even going to bother trying loading it onto the vista machine.

Anyways, here's some sort of spaceship.

spaceship 01

spaceship 02

spaceship 03


Alaska-womom said...

I love the bird and the bees! Wait that sounds wrong--anyway-
I meant pics and all.
You are making ME jealous! I always love seeing what new pics you put up!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Alaska-womom: Seems like you know all about the birds and the bees! Dang, twins! What will this bring the brood up to? 5, 6?