Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guess What I Got For Christmas!

And oh boy did I get some super-duper, ultra-cool, totally-awesomely-groovy loot!

Or lute...

No, definitely loot! Cuz I can't play a lute, only a violin, fiddle, banjo, pipes, and balls (go ahead, guees). But I think I could learn a lute.

However, this post is not about lute's. Nor is it about lutefisk --which I'm sure is a type of Norwegian musical instrument and not some sort of extreme gastronomic experience.

Before --oh wait, that should be "B4" in modernspeak-- I get to tell you about some really nifty things that some really nifty people got me for xmas, I need to mention something about food.

I got up at 5:30 am xmas morning. No, it wasn't to shove the cat's head up his you-know-what as that occured at 3:00 am because of his constant yowling. It was cus I had to make brekkie.

Brekkie is Aussie for "The Breaking Of The Fast". In some parts of the world this is referred to as "breakfast". In Oz it is brekkie.

I made tzatziki, pineapple dip, my extra-special dark chocolate dipping sauce, pulled out the last of my homemade wensleydale cheese, and also made a sushi plate of nigiri sushi with smoked salmon 'n' avocado 'n' basil for garnish.

Don't believe me? Ha! Feast your little peepers on this:
christmas sushi platter

This is what the coffee table looked like for brekkie Christmas morn:
christmas breakfast
Yes, those are kippers. And my own pickled cucs. The dark choc dipping sauce is in the upper left, above the fresh strawberries and the champagne flutes are nearby.

We. Had. A. Good. Brekkie.

Did you know that I get excited (DOWN dave!) over gifts for me? How many guys do you know who get excited over a set of saucepans as a pressie? Specifically if said guy has been drooling over the set but never bought them at the $179 price but then found them for $35, bought them himself, wrapped them himself, and then pretended to be surprised when he unwrapped them?

Yeah, not many guys. 'Cept Yours Truly.

And how many guys do you know who are so happy to receive 4 kilos of (no, not dope) fresh, organic soy beans?

Well, now you know one:

I've already made a pound of tofu and 11 soy burgers since receiving this wonderful gift that I ordered myself and paid for myself, WOO-HOO!

Another wonderful gift was received by Yours Truly (don't swoon ladies, I'm human). I don't look to happy to get this as it shows may age (and my really bad back --long story), but I gots to tell ya, THIS IS BLOODY-WELL GREAT!!!!!
kinky massage present

One of the most coolest present I got was from a sailboat. SV Meerkat, to be specific! I truly have no idea how a sailboat can know just what I'd like for Chrissie, but this one sure did! Somehow she knew that my most favorite t-shirt had disintegrated and that I needed a replacement.

Here's a pic of the old shirt from yonks ago:

And here is my new, ultra-awesomely cool, newest, most favoritist shirt:
new goofy shirt

But I gots to tell ya, THIS pressie just really takes the cake!
santa slays

It's a pump-action, machine-gun, uzi type, water gun that shoots water well over 30 feet!!!

I've had a fun Christmas!!!!!

The cat? He hasn't enjoyed his holidays since I can now drench him from halfway across the backyard!! Bwuu-hahahahhahahahahah!!!


Ishmael said...

I'm watching the Aussie movie "Deckchair Danny" and they just made reference to "Brekkie." it's a small world.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Cats tend not to like getting sprayed in the face. But at least you are having fun. That Christmas Morning feast looks spectacular as well.

Jennifer said...

You don't know me but I am the niece of the Meerkat boat owners and I am the one that actually picked out your new Goofy shirt and yes it did come from Disneyland. Glad you like it! My aunt loves reading your blog and she has turned me onto it also. I have to say I was shocked when I read this post and saw the goofy shirt!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ish: Brekkie, bikkies, pressies, sickie, tinny, tin, arvo, googs, keks, chooks, dunny, nong, tripes, strides, garbo, crook, cuppa, footy, trots, Brissie, cozzie, postie,ute, carby, rego,blowies, mossies, aggro, LKS, screws, root, shout,bonzer, loo, esky, gurgler, oz, hoon, slash, yonks, tucka, snags, nick, jilleroo, larrikin, drongo, fartsack.
Once you learn all those then you'll be right mate.

sciencebloke: I don't really spray the cat with water, but it sure did make a good line!


flying fish said...

Brekkie envy! Happy (late) Christmas and a Merry New Year, Dave!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

I am sssooooo behind in my stalking!!
Glad you liked the t-shirt and WP liked her sunglass holder!! YAY!!! Sorry you had to wait 2 months to open the package...

Anonymous said...

Major brekkie envy! Dude, you totally outdid yourself.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

flying fish: And if you ever come to visit you know which place has the best brekkie!

SV Meerkat: Didn't mind the wait, time kinda flies the older we get so it went quickly.

Titanium: Just wait till you see the pics of the sushi platter I made 2 days ago!