Friday, December 04, 2009

Me Masta Plan! MwuuHAHAHAAAAA!

Yes, that's right. You *did* read the title correctly. Yes, I know it may come a surprising shock to my regulars, I DO sometimes make plans.

And the neato part of my plans is that they always work! So there.

My usual plan is made at bedtime each night. I always plan to wake up sometime within the next 20 hours. Works like a charm and hasn't failed me yet.

Unless you count that time I slept for 666 years straight, but otherwise; no worries! I won't regale you with the details as my psychiatrist says I shouldn't discuss it with normal folk.

Here's my plan for today, Friday, 4th of December, 6009:

Wake up. Check, already done.

Disentangle panther, and his fangs and claws, from leg and chuck his furry butt outside. Check.

Take a nap. Check.

Plan dinner. Check --grilled blue grenadier.

Now for the unchecked ones...

Make two loaves of bread. One regular, one whey.

Make beer. Load the primary fermenter with a batch of stout.

Check the feta for the brining. Adjust brine if needed.

Check the aging of the wensleydale. Brush salt flakes off if needed.

Vacuum pool bottom. This is best done from WITHIN the pool, trust me.

Practice violin. Try not to make too many screechy sounds.

Photoshop a bunch of pics to post on my blog and claim they are real.

Take a nap.

Make more beer. Load the SECOND (yay me!!!) primary fermenter with lager.

Cook dinner.

Eat dinner.

Wrestle the panther till he's exhausted and ready to come in for the night.

Watch one of them newfangled 4-dimension movies. *think about it, you'll figure it out*

*up until now, everything has been done while wearing my new, really cool pair of white crocs*

Read a book about particle physics.

Take an 8 hour nap, plan to wake up sometime tomorrow.

I think I can pretty much keep up with that plan today. What do you think?

And totally offtopic, I made some sausage sushi the other day. It was delicious.
sausage sushi


Anonymous said...

Try not to make too many screechy sounds I can tell you all right now that the only time YT makes screechy sounds is when his private parts get caught in the pool filter. Sadly, I hear the sound daily.


Anonymous said...


scienceguy288 said...

I must say, your days seem to be much more fun than mine!

Titanium said...

**Waaa, Waaa...** (The sound of me wailing like a colicky infant)

I wanna be retired...


Bring it.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ha ha WP!! I think you should comment more often.
Jim would love the "make beer" part, I love the white crocs - my new fav crocs and I am not so sure about the sausage sushi..???