Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Parties Hard in Oz! Can Christmas be Saved?

Guess what everybody? C'mon, GUESS!






Time's up.

Someone has finally accepted my standing invitation to visit! That young bloke from North Pole. Lives in a place called Santa Claus House. Nice digs too. Mrs Claus makes a mean cuppa, lemme tell ya.

Anyways, back when I was in Alaska I told Santa that he's more than welcome to come visit anytime. Perchance just before Christmas to give him a chance to unwind before the big night.

Well, he took me up on the offer this year.

I tell ya, it's a good thing I've been making extra homebrew for these holidays cus that guy sure can put them away.

See what I mean:
drunk santa in oz 01

We were having a jolly ole time. Trading stories about the north and what not. When that guy gets a few into him ALL the dirt comes out about Rudolph, the other reindeer and all the elves.

I started to get a little bit concerned after a few hours as he showed no sign of letting up on the imbibing.
drunk santa in oz 02

I was getting worried since it was only 2 pm and he'd gone through a case in only 2 hours.
drunk santa in oz 03

drunk santa in oz 04
Let the damn elves deliver the pressies to the brats this year!

drunk santa in oz 05
How many chillis did you put in this beer?

By now I was getting very concerned for Santa's wellbeing. Perhaps the strain of his job finally got to him?
drunk santa in oz 06

Remember to tell your kids that if Santa doesn't visit this year that it's NOT because they've been bad. It's because Santa has been bad!

Very bad...
drunk santa in oz 07


Ishmael said...

"Santa" looks a lot like you, unless he's the invisible guy next to you.

Also, I'm surprised the water doesn't have a more yellow tint to it. You know, with all that beer drinking....

And: There's a standing invite to visit you?

Cathy said...

Skinny-Dipping I understand...but please tell me, why leave the Crocs on??

Cathy said...

Oh and watch out. Don't forget what happens with Alaskans and open invitations. We all show up at once, unannounced, at 2am and sleep all over your floor. Then we get weathered in for three days and eat your food.

la isla d'lisa said...

Oh, that was hysterical ... and those pictures: HAH! WP needs to get 'Santa' some water wings as a precaution. Perfect post, Dave!

Anonymous said...

Rarely does one actually roll on their ass laughing when they type ROMAL, this time, I really was. Merry Whateveryouchoosetocelebrate mate.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ish: No worries about "yellow water". Don't you remember the ole saying in college, "If it's clear you know it's beer."

Yes, you are invited. Bring your own tent. Already gots visitors Feb, Mar, Apr 2010. Probable Aug & Sept 2010. Maybe Dec 2010 & Jan 2011.

Cathy: Cus crocs are floaty :)

Cathy: Hmmmm, sounds like the cat. But seriously, there's waaaaaay more than 3 days worth of food in this house. You don't need to bring your own tent, you can have the futon in the library --we'll make Ish sleep in the tent outside with the spiders.

la isla d'lisa: Thanks mate. I had fun with it. WP was the camerasheila, BIL was in charge of props, whilst I directed, produced, and starred in it.
You (being a regular commentator) are of course invited too, no worries.

Sciencebloke: If only webcams worked the other way so I could watch you rolling on your ass laughing. Glad to be of service as I'm sure the floor needed polishing. Merry whatever backatcha mate.
You're invited too, you'd be too much fun NOT to have over.