Thursday, December 17, 2009

That'sa Spicyea Beera!

Remember the post from a few days ago? The one where I was bottling beer and put a huge cayenne pepper in two of the bottles? Oh, you do remember! G'donya mates!

The brew was actually bottled a week ago, and this morning the bottles were clear! That means the secondary fermentation is done --warm weather speeds it along, dontcha know.

Naturally I just had to open one of them --I'll give the other one a few more days to "age" properly.

I sat down a few feet from Wifey-Poo. With an empty mug in one hand, and a 750 ml bottle of lager with a six inch cayenne pepper (poked full of holes) in the bottle.

I cracked the bottle.

Before I could even begin to pour the "beer" into the mug, WP stated she could smell the chilli already. Being the gentleman that I am, I offered her a quaff. She, being the lady she is, politely declined. I believe her exact words were, "Not a bloody chance in Hell!"

The first sip was pretty spicy. Couldn't smell the beer at all. Couldn't taste the beer at all. The spiciness seemed to creep all around my mouth and throat.

YT: Mmmmmm, this is good. I think I'll have another sip. Anyone want to join me?

WP: I know you and spicy food and if the sweat on your brow after one small sip is any indication of the potency of that firewater, then I shall pass.

YT: How about you Mike?


YT: Cool, more for me.

So I finished the first mug, no worries. As you read this I'm currently halfway through my second mug. Good stuff! I think all homebrewers should try this! Much much much spicier than that wussy stuff with a tiny chilli in it, that's for sure.

I'll make dinner simple tonight (snags and bacon rolls w/ onions, shrooms, and chillis) so my taste buds don't have to worry about getting back to life for a day or two.

Audience Participation Time!

Why is dave shoving this down his shorts?

what is dave doing

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Oh, do you think it may have something to do with this?

124 F

Hey lookie! Even the locals think I'm loco!
loco locals
Bonus question: Which one is the female?


TwoYaks said...

The reason is that Dave's brain has cooked in it's skull from all that heat! Watch out, he's gone loony! Er, wait. Loony-er.

The one to the right is the blokette, and the left is the bloke (Do I have the lingo right?). See, I pay attention to you? Sometimes. When the heat isn't cooking your brain. :p

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

So do you have any taste buds left? Can't think of anything clever for the comment on the picture at the moment... that picture is just too weird.

flying fish said...

Neither bird has a mouth-burning beer in its wee claw so I'll guess the person that's been paying attention is correct.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

TwoheadedYak: Loony, loopy, loopier, it's all good! Yes, you were paying attention, the female galah has a red iris and the male is black. As for blokette... well, ummmm, errrr, I kinda made that term up a year or so ago --good memory ya got mate.

SV Meerkat: I can think of a gajillion different kapshuns for that photo, you just aren't trying hard enough. Either that or all those extra brain cells and taste buds intercepted your funny thoughts before your fingers could type them.

flying fish: Yup, always agree with the one who's paying attention in class! I learned that a looooooong time ago.