Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Birds 'n The Bees & Hiding In The Woods

This'll be just a quickie on this Easter Sunday morning. Oh, did everyone in North America know that Easter is a 4 day weekend down here? Yup!


Not that it matters too much to me, ahem. *grin*

After consulting my crystal ball and deducing that the weather for the rest of this week will be utter crap (by Aussie standards, of course, folks in Los Anchorage would love it) we decided to take a day off and go hide in the woods.

So, like, we are, ummmmmm... OUTTA HERE!!!!!

Also this being a Sunday the historic Old Government House up at Belair will be open. So expect lots of cool pics and a write-up about that sometime this coming week.

To tide you over, here's some birds n bees pictures. Cus I'm nice.

Any guesses at to what kind of cockatoo the bloke in the salmon pink coat is?

And now for the bee:
happy bee

And lastly, I've been trying to get some glacial ice and frozen surfaces using the free version of terragen basic. As you can see, I, quite obviously, still have some work to do:

I could have done some cleanup work to make the shoreline in the foreground look smoother, but I don't have the time right now as wifey-poo and I are OUTTA HERE!!!!

Oh, Francis over in Sydney won the contest from last post. What would you like Franics? Wallpapers? Screensaver? 3d work? Lemme know.


TwoYaks said...

IMO, the shoreline is a little /too/ smooth.Since the light and dark water gives the illusion that the ice has some facial relief, but then it gets all flat at the shore.

I love the sulphur crested cockatoo. My guess is the pink cockatoo is easter themed cockatoo. ;)

Frances said...

Ooops, One minute I'm Francis,then I become Franics. lol.

Well Dave, I'm a girl so the spelling is Frances. ::grin::

Word Verification:herwat

Frances said...

I won! I Won!

I would like a pony, sparkly shoes, the first edition of MAD comic, a whistle, lots of Easter googies and Wallpapers of Koala(s).

Thanks. Happy Easter and have a great time in the woods.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

TwoYaks: Oh I agree on the shoreline. Terragen basic isn't really good for closeups and this was (obviously) no exception. The cleanup work I was going to do was to bring the rendered image into micrographyx 10 and use it's smear tool to smooth out the shoreline in the foreground. If I have time today (HA!) I'll think about possibly doing it sometime in the future. Heck, I was just pleased to get the blue coloring in the surface map I made... Now I just need to make the surface have that glacial ice look...

FrancEs: Yeah I know... In fact it was my mum's middle name and I darned well no how too spel et.

Ok, several koala wallpapers coming up, no worries. Whut iz ur skreen sise?