Sunday, April 18, 2010

G'day Everyone!

G'day from Oz!

To YOU! Yes, YOU! No, not that other you, butt YOU!


And, of course, let's not forget YOU!

Did y'all notice the poll over to the left of your screen --your left, not the screen's left?

There's a poll, there's a poll. There's a poll on the sidebar!

Go ahead and start thinking about that silly song... There's a hole, there's a hole. There's a hole in the bottom of the sea!

So do any of you have that tune in your head now? Do you think it'll still be there when you try to sleep tonight? Yes, you are welcome.

Back to the poll. I now have had double-digit return visitors for over 30 days straight. And that includes the time when I don't post for a few days too. Gosh, you all must really love me *sniff*! So go have a squizz at the poll and tell me what sort of direction you'd like the blog to go.

There is, of course, no guarantee that I won't laugh at the poll results and do whatever the heck I want to anyways. Jus' sayin'. But hey, it's worth a go, eh?

Do any of you want to know just what the ole Gov of South Aus used to read? Of course you do! How would I know? Lemme tell you.

WP and I were up at the old historic Old Government House in Belair National Park the other day and sauntered through it. The restoration folks have done a great job with it, btw. This was the summer residence of the Gov of South Aus back in the late 1800's. In the main living room there was an antique bookcase with lots of very old books in/on it.

antique books

I had a quick squizz at some of the titles. I did a double-take when I got to this one particular book. And then another double-take!

One thing you folks in the US need to remember is that Australia wasn't settled by prudes. And South Oz wasn't settled by convicts* either! Here is a picture of the book in question:
antique sex book

Something tells me that this guy knows all about that book...
koala closeup in the wild

Anyways, go have a looksie at the poll and if you feel the need to contribute your little bit of feedback to Yours Truly (don't swoon ladies, I'm human!) then GO FOR IT!

*When the Poms where shipping convicts to The Antipodes it was more to get rid of the poor and destitute so the prisons weren't overcrowded and neither were the slums. For example, the penalty for stealing a loaf of bread was to be shipped to Oz and when your multi-year sentence (for stealing a loaf of bread to feed your kids) was up you were then free to go. No, you didn't get a boat ride back to the heart of the Empire. Weren't the Poms nice back then?


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

AAAAGGGHHHHHHH! Jim plays this song just to irritate me. It goes on for about a week. I am going to send that Prince Bagheera after you with those claws.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

SV Meerkat: Me and Jim need to crack a few tinnys together. Yep, we'd be mates.

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Jim said "cheers"...
Remember his best buddy, Kim is from down unda, so Jim has some Kim lingo going.