Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nesting Rainbow Lorikeets

Wifey-Poo and I were hiding in the woods yesterday. Yes, I know, I still need to explain where the saying of "gone to hide in woods" comes from regarding WP and YT. But knot today.

Did you know that rainbow lorikeets (and pretty much all other parrots down here) nest in the hollows of various gum trees? Now you know! You're welcome.

Here's what a typical lorikeet lair can look like:
lorikeet lair

You see those clawmarks around the knothole? Perhaps you are thinking those are made by the parrots... You'd be wrong! Those are, of course, the claw marks of baby bunyips from when they were raiding the nest! It's true, I swear!

And for those of you perverts who think the knothole and it's surrounds look like something you'd see on THOSE sites. I have one word for you: PERVERT! And, uh, so like, when you gonna visit?

Back to the lorikeets. Here's one of them poking it's head out. I couldn't tell whether it was a bloke or a sheila from this distance.

lorikeet in lair01

lorikeet in lair02

lorikeet in lair03

Sooooooo cute!

In fact, I thought it was so cute that I went looking in some other tree cracks (shut up!) to see what kind of critters were in some of the larger cracks. It was all well and good until I stuck my head in one that had a juvenile bunyip in it! It grabbed my beard and tried to pull me in!

bunyip attacking me

Fortunately my good friend Tom Bombadil was nearby and rescued me from the critters vile clutches!

Really! It's true! Would I lie to you? Well, only if I was paid what some former gov of Alaska who aborted her term partway through was paid... Like $12,000,000 in 8 short months! In that case I'd be more than happy to lie to you!


Toshua said...

You need to get stuffed! Ken put in a bid on a house today. 2812 Springs Dr. Charlotte

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

And why do I need to get stuffed? Perhaps you could explain?

And the Old Fart actually found a house he likes?????? He's like, going to move from Los Anchorage???

Whoa... just knocked me over with a feather!