Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh Baby, Let's DO!

This will be some random crappola (does anyone know how to spell "crapola"????) as I just want to get up some pictures and also a video. And some 3d stuff.

Hint: the 3d stuff just may have something to do with the title of this post. Maybe. Perhaps.

Saw the hugest koala I've ever seen the other day. It was a huuuuuuuuge, monster koala! A koala the size of four pregnant watermelons.

**Quick, what song was I referring to in the above paragraph and can any of you long-time readers tell me whether or not I saw the performer of the above song in concert or not Comments are open, no worries.**

This koala also had some seriously big claws. Big claws. Really big claws. Her claws were so big I'm sure she was part bunyip! Judge for yourselves...

koala klaws
I'm damned lucky she was 50 feet up in the tree.

Has anyone ever wondered just how fast an emu can emu if an emu had to move? Wonder no further!

Later on she came back with her boytoy in tow. He was off to the left of the frame, but she posed and strutted and preened for me. Um, I mean for my camera of course.
an emu

And finally, that which you've all been waiting for with baited breath (pee-yu!), I present for your viewing pleasure that which has been referred to in the title of this post...

*drum roll please*

*no, a LOUDER drum roll*

*thank you*

Oh Baby, Let's DO!

And for those of you with a normal sized monitor (at least that what I heard), then please feel free to click on the picture below to bring it up into it's fullsized glory!


la isla d'lisa said...

I don't think thats a koala, Dave. Maybe an Ewok? LOOK AT THOSE CLAWS!

Alaena said...

So exactly how big is a pregnant watermelon anyways? Comparatively speaking....
Love the dragon!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

la isla d'lisa: I must say that this koala had the longest claws of any I've seen. Definitely part bunyip. Not part ewok as this one was twice the size of an ewok --'sides, ewoks don't have long claws. Or do they? Hmmmm, may have to watch that again...

Alaena: The size of a pregnant watermelon will be explained soonly. But not in the post, it'll be in the next song I put up. So stay tuned in, eh?
Glad you like the dragon, I had a helluva time posing it and getting it to then sit still for the picture taking :) Seriously, as pleased as I am with the pose and the transparency of the wings I'm upset with myself --I didn't notice I TOTALLY messed up one of the wing support bones in it's left wing. I'll do better next time, no worries.

Alaena said...

I've heard dragons can be tricky getting to sit and stay, much less stay suspended in midair for any amount of time. So, uh... the wing snafu is totally understandable considering the circumstances.