Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It Needed a Critter

There's something rather fun about 3d artwork. Would you like to know what it is? Too bad, cus I ain't tellin'!

Well, ok, I'll squeal for you...


Yes lighting. You can do SO MUCH with the proper lighting. And, of course, knowing how to drive the software you are using.

Shall we revisit the 3d sunset? Do you remember this?

Well, I decided that the scene needed a critter. But what type of critter, thought I? Hmmmm, dolphins jumping? Pelicans soaring? A shark devouring a person?

Decisions, decisions...

I finally decided upon something different.

In order to do what I wanted I needed to use Daz along with Terragen. I'm still learning Terragen and I've NEVER made anything in Daz (but I did beta test a tutorial) so I wasn't sure I'd have time earlier today to make what I wanted and still get a nap in. As it turned out, I didn't get my nap.

What saved me (as in this didn't take all day) is the fact that I know 3d lighting very well. I mean really, really well. And I'm also very good with surface specularosity, reflectivity, refractivity, coloring, and such like.

But I'm sure I'm boring you by now, so how's abouts I just give you the NEW sunset with "The Critter" in it. As is per usual on the large sized pics, just click on it to embiggen. It's 1280 by 960 and should resize itself nicely to use on a 4:3 screen for a wallpaper. If you have a widescreen then make sure you use a good program to resize it without the picture getting "the jaggies". I recommend Irfanview. It's free. It's very very very very very good.

Oh, would you like to see the sunset with The Critter? Of course you would. Here you are:

Last night I made stuffed squid tubes for dinner. Actually, everyone else had chicken... But I had my stuffed squid tubes!
stuffed squid
The stuffing was brown rice, prawns, red bell pepper, seaweed, shrooms, garlic, chilli peppers and a lemony-wine sauce. I was happy.


Anonymous said...

Great 3D picture- Looks great as my new desktop!

Thank You

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

chester: No worries mate, you are welcome. It's on my desktop too. I am so pleased with how it turned out. Dumb luck? Time will tell...