Friday, August 29, 2008

Blast From The Past

Well, sorta, kinda... One of these pics you've seen before but the others you haven't. I found the other 4 when I was searching for the first one. Why was I searching for the first one? Cus Jim and Heather want to know what the cat (His Royal Highness Prince Bagheera; Lord and Master of All He Surveys) felt about the wee little birdies in his backyard.

Wee little doesn't *exactly* describe these birds... volume-wise, the cockies are bigger than he is. With longer claws and beaks that'll easily rip almonds shells to shreds (+2000 psi). Ummmmm, I think the cat is out of his league, eh?

cockatoo and cat
Oh, HELL NO! I'm not gonna mess with that bugger!

2 cockatoos and 1 cat
I shall now pretend that I don't care and show magnamity by sharing MY yard with birds

Perhaps after seeing these next shots you'll understand why the cat prefers not to tangle with these blokes (and blokettes).
hungry cockatoos

big claws

And finally, proof positive that my picture taking and framing skills suck bigtime:
cockatoo in flight kinda
Nice claws, eh?

1 comment:

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ha ha ha!
That poor cat is outnumbered!
It's obvious.
You need more cats.