Friday, August 01, 2008

A post in leiu of a post

I'm working on my Tour de France post. However, I have a hard time stringing coherent thoughts together for more than a prargraph or two. But only when typing. See, if'n there was a thought analyzer that kinda dictates your thoughts directly to your blog, then there'd be NO stopping me! In fact, you may remember from perusing my archives that I actually invent that in a few decades. Those of you from the future who are reading this post (as an old archive) to write your PHD dissertation on the bloke who revolutionised the world of blogging (and got stinking rich) then you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. For the rest of you... well, you just need to go trawling through my archives and you'll see what I mean.


Pretty damned logical, eh?

As per usual, I'll toss up some pics for you. Heck, if it wasn't for pics from far-off, exotic, hot, Australia I doubt I'd even have one visitor! Well, ok... my wife would probably stop by and hit the reload button a bunch to make my counter turn over, but that'd be about it.

This first pic is for Fishmeal, that cranky bloke in Kodiak, Alaska. He wants to know if we really eat roo. Yes, we do.
ground roo

Roo meat is one of the healthiest red meats you'll find. 98.4% fat free. Loaded with iron. Roo burgers don't shrink on the grill, and they also don't flame. Why? Cus there ain't no fat! Teriyaki roo burgers are great, btw. However, this kilo (2.205 pounds) of roo mince (ground roo) became the filling for burritos. Turns out roo meat really takes well to Mexican seasonings (I just HAD to try!) and you don't have to drain it like you do with beef. It is a little gamey (not as much as moose or caribou though) so if you are one of those who don't like lamb cus you think it's gamey smelling, then you definitely don't want to try roo. However, for any Alaskan Sourdough it'll seem pretty bloody-well awesome!

I buy the stuff that's packaged just up the road. No preservatives, no antibiotics, no growth hormones. Just roo. The packages freeze well and the company (Macro Meats) say it's exportable too.

Here's another pic for Fishmeal. See, it turns out that these little birdies give him the willy's. Evil eye, or something like that. So I thought I put a pic of one staring right out of the screen at him :)
staring at you
I'll get you in your dreams, Ish!

Next up, the natural pose of yours truly (that'd be me):

And lastly, two gratuitous birdie pics. One is of a galah landing in a tree, and the other is two lorikeets watching another about to land. Enjoy!
galah in tree

lorikeet in flight


scienceguy288 said...

Pretty birds, lorikeets. I have seen them in zoos and their behavior is always interesting.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I've learned a lot about bird behavior watching them, the galahs, and the cockatoos. I'll have to write a post about that sometime...

Mon said...

i loooooooooove the koala! how adorable! Eating kangaroos? eek! i didn't know people did that! no one eats koalas do they?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Mon: The koalas are pretty darned cute. I've got lots of pics of them in the wild. Sleeping and looking cute is what they do.

Roo meat tastes a lot like moose or deer or caribou or reindeer (you know; Bullwinkle, Bambi, Rudolph, etc). Just a bit different and very very healthy for a red meat.

Never heard of koala's being eaten down here in modern times. And they're protected too. If I had to guess, I say perhaps the taste would be something like rabbit? Here Thumper!

I'll have to put some emu pics up. And yes, they are eaten too. Tastes like ostrich. Hard to get the meat locally, almost all of it is exported.