Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Punch Up On The Feeder

But before I get to that, sorry for distracting you with my race updates on Saturday. Had I known just how many folks landed on my blog by a google search looking for road race updates I would have actually given out real updates. And then I'dve given them the link to the live coverage via as not everyone was able to watch it live on the telly.

I've also found a whole bunches of people show up here searching for miti recipes. So here's the link to that.

Now, back to one of the main reasons people visit: Pictures from Oz! Specifically, parrot pictures from Oz. Fortunately I don't have to go far to get these. In fact, I'm usually still in my bath robe, bare feet, and no underwear when I take them standing in the back yard. Ahem, yes, no underwear.

And now for some purdy burdy pics. How's about a punch up between two rainbow lorikeets for starters?fighting lorikeets
Nice beak action, eh?

And then the referee tries to break it up:fighting lorikeets and galah

They do this pretty regularly, I think they are practicing for when Ishmael comes down to visit so they can rip his hair out.

As it's wintertime down here (bloody-well FREEZING!) everything is flowering. Here's a bee working on a flower from the Blue Pacifica bush:
cute bee
Quite the load of pollen he has there.

This view in the morning signals the arrival of the gang of juvenile delinquent cockatoos:red sunrise


Ishmael said...

Hey, was that an invite????

Don't tell me those birds aren't related to vicious dinosaurs -- look at the face on the one in the upper left in the first picture: pure velocirapter.

Mon said...

the sunrise is beautiful!!!!

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

That is one pissed off bird... As always - great pics! Bee is great too, as long as he is far away from me... :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos of the beautiful lorikeets and wonderful sunset. I cannot choose which is nicer.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I know that this is probably not the correct post to ask you about this, but oh well. I want to purchase a set of Merrells. Now, I personally wanted some ankle support, but the mid height ones seem to go really high and limit your movement. Any suggestions?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ish: Yeah, 'course you're invited. Just don't visit during our winter cus it's bleedin' COLD!!!

Yes, they are evolved from dinosaurs, but that doesn't account for them giving you the evil eye all the time :)

Mon: They can be pretty darned special. Oh, I'll be putting up a recipe on my cooking blog that you'll like: Chicken Coconut Curry.

Jim and Heather: The little buggers squabble all the time I don't even take any notice of it. The bees down here are very mellow. That pic was taken from one inch away. People down here tend to freak about wasps though. Since I grew up with wasps in AK I'm rather amused about the aussie attitude regarding wasps :)

Science Guy #1: The lories are very pretty. I sometimes think my pics don't do them justice. This was a sunrise, not a sunset; but it's impossible to tell from the photo :)

Science Guy #2: Oi! You've been reading my archives from my adventures in Alaska! Footwear for sports and for hiking is something I'm very familiar with. In order to steer you to the Merrell that may be best for you I'd need to know a few things: What type of terrain, what type of climate, temperature range, running or hiking, rocky, rooty, muddy? Without knowing that, I'd take one with some ankle support but not the real high ones. Myself, I'd go for the Chameleon Evo Mid Gore-Tex for the hiking I do around here (if it rained at all down here then it'd be the Snowmotion 6 Waterproof). If it'd be steep rocky stuff, I'd go for the Perimeter Gore-Tex.

Drop me an email and we can chat about it.


Oh yeah: always try them on first! With different sock combinations too!