Saturday, August 16, 2008

I've Had Better Days

...with the camera, that is. I mean just LOOK at these pics. Bleck. It's like the anti-focusing demons from the 26th dimension had it in for me this morning. AND they teamed up with the crappy-light demons from the 10th dimension.


Well, just have a look and you'll see what I mean. Oh, if you've read this far Mon, there's a recipe for you cus my wee little brain seemed to remember you could have possibly mentioned you might just be inclined to that type of food... maybe...

Anyways, here's the pics of the uncooperative cockatoos.

Let's just keep it in perspective, eh?
keeping it in perspective

This coulda been so cool with better lighting but the sun wasn't up yet
cockatoo flying at sunrise

even blurrier

blurry landing cockatoo

Three Wise Cockatoos
three wise cockatoos

Not only can I not work the focus ring, I can't even hold the stupid camera level with the horizon. I'm a failure...
blurry cockatoo landing

Well, at least the horizon is level...
cockatoo on guard

Colourul lorikeets to the rescue!
lotsa lories

Gotta give SOMEONE the evil eye...
evil eyes

Over and out.



maybe not


Anonymous said...

Great shots despite the "bad camera."

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

They are still better than mine.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

sciencedude: Yeah, blame it on the camera!

meerkat: see above ;)

Anonymous said...

aah.. the horizen is not 'level'..

still, even, these are great shots..

sometimes ya just gots to know, It is All pretty without having to have a camera 'make it so'..



Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Sky: The horizon is never level on friday nights :)

Glad you like the shots, I was being a wee bit sarcastic cus a couple are pretty good. There are quite a few mornings and evenings I don't even bother with the camera and I just sit out and enjoy the show.