Sunday, August 17, 2008

Young, Single, Pink, Babe...

... To the rescue!!!! Yes, I *can* still take good birdie pics. Ha! Yesterday's stuff notwithstanding of course. Remember: Blame It On The Camera!


The galahs always show up in pairs. Always. And when one of a pair flies away (for whatever reason) the other always follows. Ummmmmm, I think they go behind a bush for some ka-noodling.

Imagine my surprise when there's been an ODD number of galahs hanging out for the last 5 days. Does that mean it's one of the flock who's lost their mate? Or is it a young'un that's on 'the hunt'? Well, whatever, she sure as heck saved my ass as meself being known (knownst?) as a good parrot picture-taker bloke.

So without any further ado (yeah RIGHT!)

First, she's shy looking and watching me through her fluttering eyelashes
young galah04

Then she has to fix her skirts just so...
young galah03

Then she fixes her hair
young galah05

She finally lets me get close to her
young galah02

and then lifts her arms to expose her chest!
young galah01

Hmmmm, this could be my most popular post soon! LOL :)


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

She wants you.

Anonymous said...

hehe, that comment about she wants you is cracking me up up here..

Oh that's a pretty pretty bird.. beauty alright!


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Shhhh! Don't tell my wife!

Ishmael said...

So it just occurred to me... does hearing, "Polly want a cracker" squawked by a dozen birds at a time get annoying?

But seriously, think you can teach any of them to talk?

Mon said...

i looked up the recipe for hummus,a nd im gonna try it this wknd. seems so simple! hope I can find tahini though....

Suzer said...

Hey Dave,

You're going to have to come to one of our Expats in Adelaide meet ups sometime...we had our 2nd one last night (13 people from 8 different countries). I'm Suzer Dom on Facebook if you're on there and interested.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Jim and Heather: That's cus of my natural studliness *smug grin*

Sky: Yeah, she is pretty cute :)

Ish: I really need to record some of the cacaphony that goes on in the mornings. It can be LOUD. No chance of getting them to talk. The lories and the galahs don't let me get with 10 feet. The big cockies will let me get right up next to them (when there's a lot of them), but as soon as the food is gone I won't see the flock for 24 hours (or longer). Remember, they are wild and have lots of other places to hang out and lots of other folks to bug.

Mon: Ummmm, drunk blogging? :) Remember, if you can't find tahini (sesame paste) just use a little bit of sesame oil.

Suzer: I would like to go to one of them. I didn't even know about this last one though. It can be hard getting out and about though... sigh... Hard to even find time to ride anymore.

Suzer said...

Yep Dave you'll have to join our Facebook group to get updates. Feel free to yahoo me at suzer_domenica if you want more details. Hard getting out and about? Are you without a car just like me?