Thursday, August 07, 2008

Way Behind

Yes, I'm behind in my posting. I'm sure you've all figured THAT out though. Still writing up my How To Lose the Tour de France post. Stay tuned. On the bright side, I'm over halfway through dubbing the whole thing from the hard drive on the DVDR to DVD disks. I'll have 42 DVDs of this years tour for approximately 73 hours of 2008 Tour coverage. Cool, eh? Widescreen, digital, with Phil and Paul and all the great scenery. Oh yeah, there's a bike race in there somewhere too. Yeah, I can tell y'all are REALLY excited for me.

I just found out that someone found my blog from a site called (you're gonna LOVE this) Planned Parrothood! Isn't that so cool? I like the name. I need to add it and about 20 more sites and blogs to my blogroll. I'll get there in time, no worries. Anyways, at the Planned Parrothood Bird Links you'll see me listed in the blog section with a description of "Exquisite Aussie bird photos". Note to self: take more bird pics, but only Exquisite ones. I've never had anything about me (or that I've done) referred to as Exquisite. Needless to say, I'm tickled pink about that :)

I guess that means I should put up some Exquisite birdie pics. However, I haven't downloaded the latest batch and weeded out the 99% crap ones. So, you'll just have to make do with these three.

The first two are the lorikeets practicing their trapeze act.
circus act

high wire hijinks

Yes, they are very messy eaters.

The next one is FINALLY a shot of a galah looking tough. Remember, it's tough to look tough when you wear pink. Only tough birds can pull it off!
tough birds wear pink

Oh, I just found out that outside of Oz, galahs are called "rose-breasted cockatoos". I like galah better.

Went on a bike ride this morning, nothing new there. But is was the first time in a looooooong while that I atually pushed myself for a bit as it's time to get my lazy ass back in shape. Knee was fine, neither ankle was a problem, ribs are fully healed, back is strong, and neck didn't bother me. I was on Rocket Butt (my roadie) and I actually stood for a bit to test things (myself, not the bike).

Do you have any idea of the amount of mucus, phlegm, and bile a healthy bloke can puke out of his lungs and stomach over the first ten minutes of riding hard? Well... it's a lot. Just trust me. Finally felt good after 14 mins hard so I continued on. But OH MY am I glad I was solo! I'd hate to even begin to imagine how messy the people behind me would've been had I been in a group! No pictures as you really DON'T want to see them.


Anonymous said...

Haha. I assume besides vommitting bile, mucus, ans who knows what else, that the bike ride went well?

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

The tough galah shot is pretty exquisite (there you get to be called that twice!), but the description of what you hacked up is not exquisite - thanks for the visual - and thanks for not posting pics of that :) ha ha!

Anonymous said...