Friday, August 22, 2008

My New Girlfriend (and my wife likes her!)

Yeah, well, ya know... just what the heck can a bloke do when he's such a babe magnet? The natural studliness, the muscles, the piercing eyes, strong jaw, the ability to lift heavy objects, knowledge of powertools, awesome cooking ability (despite what some of you may have heard), tall, great sense of humour, landscaper extradinaire, computer genius, wonderful fashion sense, and not conceited or boastful at all *ahem* *cough*.

Last evening my girlfriend showed up and treated both myself and my wife to a show. She sang, primped, and flouted herself shamelessly. She had a skimpy pink blouse on with grey sleeves. She even let me take a pic and said I can share it with you!


Of course, she does have some competition from the gang of delinquents:
grizzly adams

And then there's the gal who thought she was going to be the lucky one:
wicked rainbow lorikeet

See? Just what's not to love?
grisly adams
Please note the absence of unsightly nasal hair.

And his lordship even signaled his approval of the whole situationcat asleep in beanbag


Mel Keegan said...

Looks like that one cockatoo is making faces behind your back!

Cute. Really cute.


Ishmael said...


tundratantrum said...

Look at you in your flannel shirt!!! if your cold down there.

Mon said...

yea really, im sure its freezing.
aaaaaaw love the kittieeeee!!!!! Even the cat looks cold curled up in the sunshine! What, is it 90 or somethin?

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Ok, the photos explain everything. It must be the lack of nasal hair that makes this bird want to flirt with you. It sure can't be the deranged look on your face in the one shot...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

mel: yeah, that one cockie looks like he's got the ole thumbs in the ears and sticking the tongue out routine going.

ish: do ya like the rainbow lorie pic? Or do you think I'm the cute one?

tundra: flannel reminds me of squarebanks :)

mon: the cat would DIE if he actually had to go through a real winter!

jim and heather: what deranged look? That's me normal face!

TO ALL: It's been a bleedin' COLD winter this year! I have icycles hanging off me goosebumps! Let me go have a squizz at the temp, hang about... I'm back: it's 70 F in the shade!!! Gack! Gotta go put my thermal undies on! Remember, 5 months ago it was 115 in the shade and 147 in the sun. Ummmmmm, this is COLD! Oh, lemme go see what the sun temp is... Ack! 79 in the sun! I am FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh, I think I'll go for a swim in the pool to get my mind off this harsh cold snap...

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Oops, it's now up to 81.9 in the sun...