Saturday, August 09, 2008

Thoroughly DISGUSTED With The Air Quality

Holy CRAP! Emphasising the CRAP!!! I can't believe they are riding through this gunk that is called "air" in Beijing. And Phil is saying it's better than the last few days!!! The IOC needs to be taken out and shot for awarding (accepting massive amounts of money from China) these games to China.

Bleck... Ok. Last post about the road race. I'll watcht the rest of it, but the SMOG/POLLUTION is supposed to worse around the fragments of the Great Wall today.

Is it any surprise that quite a few of the top marathon runners and many endurance athletes are saying a big "fuck off" to these olympics?


Anonymous said...

I have always heard that this air stinks, literally. Many of the marathoners even decided not to participate as a result.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

The current world record holder isn't competing. He is running the 10,000, but says there's no way he'd run a marathon in those conditions.

My BIL did a recent trip to the UK and flew through Hong Kong. He said you couldn't see the buildings from sitting in the plane on the runway. Beijing is supposedly worse!