Wednesday, October 29, 2008

30,000 and 70

Hey, aren't those two nice numbers? So, like, just what they heck do they mean, dave? Yes, I'm psychic and "heard" you ask that from around the other side of this here globe we ALL live on.


Wifey-poo's Birthday is coming up next week. In fact, it's on Guy Fawkes' Night. Which also happens to be election day in the USA. What does 30,000 have to do with all that? Well, last year I got her (us) a nice camera. And now, 51 weeks later, we've clicked off 30,000 pictures. Yeah, we've both gots lots of hard drive storage space...

In honor of that, I shot about 300 pics this morning (I think the 288th pic was the 30,000th but who's counting?) and have some fairly crappy parrot pictures to share with you. Well, no. The pic of the galah was from last week. But all the lories were this morning, no lie!


Anybody remember that I said we've got 9 tomato plants this season? And that one of those is a truss? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Well, yesterday when I was watering "my little green friends" I started counting the fruit that has already set on the truss plant. 70. This is gonna be a GREAT tomato(e) season!

On with the birdy pics!

Hmmmmm, perhaps this galah thinks he's Freddy Mercury reincarnated?
galah showing wings
I am the One, the only One
I am the God of Kingdom Come
Now gimme the Prize!
Just give me the Prize!

For these next nine pics I'm not gonna be a smartass with snarky captions, nor a dumbass (although I much prefer being the former --you know, that bloke who makes forms?) and I'll just let you enjoy some parroty goodness from my very meagre fotografik scillzz.

rainbow lorikeets in action 01

rainbow lorikeets in action 02

rainbow lorikeets in action 03

flying rainbow lorikeet 01

flying rainbow lorikeet 02

rainbow lorikeets in action 04

rainbow lorikeets in action 05

rainbow lorikeets in action 06

rainbow lorikeets in action 07

Over and out! I'm off to clean the pool as we had a windy night and there's lots of tree debris in my swimming hole. That and the damn ducks have been around this morning, buggers.


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Wow - that's a lot of pictures! I thought I was bad. Has wifey-poo taken any of those 30,000?
Happy early Birthday to her - my hubby-poo's birthday is the day after. Oh please, oh please, I don't think either of them want a "Sarah" for a present!
Those birds don't seem to share well do they?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

That would be a horrid present! Barf!

WP has taken about half of them, honest! Happy early Bday to Jim --hubbykins.

The birds can squabble, yup yup. And they never blink...

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Uh yeah.
Sure she has.

Fizzgig said...

I like the pic of freddy best!

30,000 pics. holey hell thats a lot!

and a lot of maters. do you can them or anything?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Heather: She has! I'm not kidding! I'll take around a 100 or so in the mornings, but when we go out on expeditions she has the camera (that's cus I'm toting the backpack, food, drinks, chairs, champagne, chocolates, etc) and she'll fill a 2 gig card in one afternoon.

Fizzgig: I'm very pleased with how that freddy pic turned out. I've gotten pretty darned good at learning where they'll land and when they'll fly out of the tree. Pre-focus on a spot and then... wait... and wait... till deltiods are burning... and then just as you let the camera down the buggers will land.

Don't can the tomatoes, we usually use them fresh. Although I do pickle some of the green ones. I also sun dry some and jar them in fresh basil and olive oil. And make tomato sauce. The list goes on (along with the beat).

gail said...

Hi there down under, I found a blog that reprinted a bagel recipe similar to the one I used -- check it out at, if the link doesn't work let me know and I'll copy the recipe!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Thanks Gail! I just checked out the recipe. Doesn't look too hard, just time consuming, no worries.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to find bagels down here...

I'm assuming they freeze? So I can make up a big batch?