Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarah Palin Moons the Press Corps!

Oct. 12, 2008 (Reuters) In a stunning move today designed to "open herself up to the press", VP candidate Sarah Palin mooned the entire press entourage that, for some unknown reason, blindly follows her around.

The stunned press corps had no time to take official pictures of the ground-breaking and cheeky event as they were too busy picking their collectives tongues up off the floor.

Here's some reactions from folks around the world:

Tucker Bounds: "Ha! I'd like to see Joe Biden try that!" Tucker then quickly retreated back into the closet.

Hillary Clinton: "Damn, I wish I'dve thought of that."

Sean Hannity: "Now THAT'S Leadership!"

Cindy McCain: "Fat ass, not phat ass."

Tawd Palin: "Which way did Walt go?"

Joe Biden: *We regret to inform you that we cannot print Senator Biden's comment as we would have ran out of ink*

Rush Limbaugh: *died with a smile on his face and a stain on the front of his trousers*

John McCain: "Duh, uh... Yeah! Uh, duh... hu hu."

Bill Clinton: *no quote from him is available as he is still locked in his bathroom with sounds of heavy panting emanating from within*

Dubya: "Now who's this new trollup Johnny's hanging around with THIS time?"

Nancy Pelosi: "Impeachment is off the table!"

Dick Cheney: "Excellant, Smithers. Excellant."

Tina Fey: "Just wait till next week's SNL! Skin baby! MAJOR skin!"

Nancy Reagun: *No response from Nancy as twin laser beams of death shot out from her eyes and fried the reporter.*

Michelle Obama: "Hillary and I could take this act on the road!"

Local Palin supporter: "Gosh dang! This is du happiest day of miy life! This is even better than when I married both muh cuzzins!"

Barack Obama: "That ain't no economy!"

Sarah Palin: "Ah don' see wut the problem izz... Y'all wuz jus' complainin' that Ah don' make mayself available to y'all. TAAAAWWWDDD! Git on down here an' deal with these pesky probems o mine!"

UPDATE: We've just found a photo of "The Mooning" from an obscure Aussie photographer. A dramatic picture of the event as it occurred! We've also just received news that this photographer has been awarded a Pulitzer prize for this breath-taking photo. No news yet about the rumor that the official moto of Australia will be changed from "G'day, mate! Wanna beer?" to "You Betcha!"

And here's the dramatic photo:
Sarah Palin Mooning the Camera

The local photographer prefers to remain anonymous, but he also sent this blurry photo of Sarah Palin's bodyguard rushing in:

Update! We've just received a photo from the event of a bewildered Tucker Bounds:
long billed corella parrot


Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

Man - she gets around. She was in Mexico the other day!
I put somethin (as Sarah would say) on my blog for you. Gonna (as Sarah would say) check it out?

Ishmael said...

Good one, DD!

Mon said...

She does get around that one.

and uhhhhh, so, that spider? was really in your pool? Maybe my dreams of vacationing in Australia and going on a trip to the outback are just dreams. I would die if i came face to face with those size bugs. DIE.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Heather: Snicker! Nice magazine cover and pic. *smile* Glad your boat (and you two) made it through Norbie).

Ish: It's really just too easy.

Mon: I think she has some sort of demonic teleportation power that lets her fly around in my backyard and swim in my pool and then suddenly *POOF* she's pallin' around with the Clampets!

Mon: Wifey-poo's camera has a great macro and supermacro setting. The spider wasn't any larger than a quarter, including the legs.