Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Conversations With Wifey-Poo

Yes, I'm starting a new thread down here in fair dinkum land... Conversations with Wifey-Poo. These will show up randomly, at any time or at any place. They may (or may not) have anything to do with NAKED SARAH PALIN PICS but the topic might come up once in a while.

Before I start this, let me give you some background... I have a very very very *different* sense of humor. Like, it's kinda, sorta... Out There!

Anybody familiar with the name of Gary Larson? Yeah, The Far Side. The only two differences between myself and Gary is that he's really really rich and doesn't go nearly Far enough!

Not only can I think up funny captions for any picture, but I'm also good at puns. Ah, yes... That great humor thingy-ma-bob: PUNS! Now, the wifey-poo (WP) has gotten so used to this that I'm having to dig deep to get some that she can't figure out.

Here's an example from 20 minutes ago.

Yours Truly (YT): Well *yawns and stands up from computer desk*, I guess it's time.

Wifey-Poo (WP): Oh, your afternoon nap in the pool? *sarcasm drips all over the polished wooden floorboards, another mess for me to clean*

YT: No silly. *note, not all blokes can get away with that phrase* It's time to go make the stock for tonight's soup.

WP: *mmmmmmmmmmm*

YT: Yup, gotta go stock up.

YT: And take stock of the situation.

WP: *loud sigh*

YT: And watch a Tim Burton movie!

WP: ???Haaaaaaayyyyy????

YT: Well, the three kids in Nightmare Before Christmas were named Lock, Stock, and Barrel.

WP: *fingers wedding ring...* Why me?

YT: Time to go kidnap some onions!

WP: *sobs uncontrollably*