Friday, October 10, 2008

A Rootin' An A Tootin'

So just what the heck does that title mean? It means I'll be getting back to my roots. Yes, I shall go bury myself in the ground and we'll see what sprouts! No, actually it means I'm "officially" off the Sarah Palin Red Hot Naked Pics.

Nope, never again will I make mention of Sarah Palin showing her armpits, or Sarah Palin kissing Tina Fey, or any reference to a Sarah Palin college kegger that may or may not have taken place. Nope, not me! Why? Because it's just too darned EASY!

I'll be going back to posting really cool pics from Oz, and really cool bird pics from Oz. Heck, you'll even get some pool talk and some pool pics! Gosh, ain't y'all happy now? There's even talk of a possibility of a return to Story Time With Unkie Dave (of course that'll have to wait till I make up some crap --oops, I mean remember stories from my youth in Alaska).

In the meantime, here's a couple of pics of some spring flowers down here, and then there'll be a rainbow lorikeet pic (with bonus humor).

Yup, the flowering vines are flowering. Please note the almond tree in the background.
flowering vines

The thing I like about hydrangeas is that the flowers last for 2 or 3 months!
hydrangeas flowering

And the war of words betwixt the Poms and the Crims continues...
grey poupon

And just as an update for y'all waaaaaaay up north, I'd just like to say it was a frigid 68 F this morning in the shade which was colder than the pool! Fortunately, it's already way warmer than that now in the shade and about 110 F in the sun. Spring might finally be here! Time to clean the pool out from all the duck detritus so I can lounge around in it (the pool, not the duck detritus) this afternoon when it warms up.



Alaska Steve said...

Great pictures and great blog! I'm still in Alaska (Dutch Harbor/Unalaska) but I drink lots of Fosters and say "cheers" a lot - must be a wanna be Aussie at heart . . . keep up the good work - Steve

Gretchen said...

I think I might be a little in love with your blog. :) Your photos are amazing, and I did indeed enjoy the Sarah Palin humor.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Alaska Steve: G'day, mate! Ooooh, Dutch Harbor in the winter... ouch! No wonder you drink lots of tinny's. Find some James Boag's Premium, much better than Fosters. Cheers, mate!

Gretchen: Glad you like the pics, I'll keep 'em comin'. Regarding Sarah Palin humor... Ummmm, you thought I was jokin'??? LOL