Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sarah Palin Hates Me!

Yes, sadly it is true... My former girlfriend Sarah Palin now officially hates me! I'm so despondent... I may have to go throw myself in the pool...

Here, have a looksie at the mean, nasty, ugly look she just gave me:
mad sarah palin

And then, she even sent her godless commie russian bodyguard down to give me a beatdown! Fortunately I was able to run away but not before I got this shot as he tried to beat me with his wings:
flamingo dance

Since I had escaped relatively unscathed, she then shot me a really venomous glare! If looks could kill then I'dve been a wee little pile of ashes she could then poop on:
really mad sarah palin

Naturally I retreated into the house to get help! Fortunately I have just the beast to combat a mean, cruel, nasty, vindictive Sarah Palin!

Behold! His High and Royal Mighty Highness, Prince Bagheera! Lord and Master of All He Surveys!
lazy cat

And here's why I'm not worried about Sarah Palin being pissed at me:
big fangs
Please note, he can break the bones of your hand with them chompers!

Ha! Bring it on Sarah, bring it ON!

Totally off topic:

Well, it was a frighteningly COLD 78 F in the shade today. Got up to 110 F in the sun so I didn't feel the need to put pants on. Thought about putting on a flannel shirt to combat all the icycles forming on my goosebumps.

Fortunately, the weather is supposed to "break" tomorrow and we'll have springtime temps of around 90 F in the shade for a couple of days. WHEW! I was gettin' worried that this cold winter might linger for a while...

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