Sunday, October 19, 2008

Conversations with Wifey-Poo

Yes, another thrilling installment of actual conversations that take place down unda betwixt YT (that'd be me... Yours-Truly) and WP (Wifey-Poo). LAMOAHS (Lord And Master Of All He Surveys) is the cat. BIL is bro-in-law.

OT Don't worry, there'll be cool parrot pics with funny captions during this post. {welsh accent}Nobody panic, this is deliberate.{/welsh accent}

The following is actual dialogue, I really didn't make any of this up! Oh, just remember, I'm really good at puns and have a weird scents of humour. And I do gots good gramur cuz muh haigh skool inglisch teetchur lived across the street (no lie).

Oh, wait... this makes more sense if you know that I was a champion fencer back in Alaska --in a galaxy far far away and a really long time ago.

YT: "Well, I'm off!"

WP: *FINALLY* "That's nice, dear. Where are you off to?"

YT: "Headin' up to the garden centre." please note Aussie spelling of centre

WP: *that'll keep him out of my hair for a while* "Oh, wonderful dear!"

YT: "Yup, gonna go practice muy fast-motion black-n-white swordfightin' tekneek."

WP: ...

WP: ..."Ummmmmmmmmm...."

WP: "Haiy?????"

YT: "Well, I do need to get some more Basil."

WP: *sob*

WP: "The sad thing is I now get it... sigh..."

If any of you don't get it, then you really need to watch more Errol Flynn movies and PAY ATTENTION to the cast list.

there is russia
"Hey, where'd Russia go?"

Later that day...

YT: *glances at computer clock* "Hmmmmm, a bit after 4. Four minutes after, to be exact. Time to get started on dinner prep." *stands up and walks towards kitchen and past a patio door*

WP: *that'll keep him out of my hair for a good hour, whew!* "That's nice dear."

LAMOAHS: "MRROOWW! MEEEEEOOOOOW!" *let me the f*ck outta here, RIGHT NOW!*

YT: *walking past door on way to kitchen* "Sorry cat; 404 door not found!"

WP: *sob*

BIL: *chortle*

Send in your guesses for this pic. Which one is the bloke?
two lorikeets


Wifey-Poo said...

I am here to tell you that these conversations actually happened! The unvarnished truth, they are.

Please, everyone pity me...

cheers from Wifey-Poo

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

We do, we do...

Hey SNL did a good Palin skit last night - check out:

ha ha ha!!!

Ishmael said...

The male is obviously the hen-pecked one.

Regarding Sarah Barracuda on SNL, watch the weekend update where she bumps and grinds to the Sarah Palin Rap, sung by Amy Pohler.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Jim and Heather: Those were actual real conversations; it's never boring down here!

Ish: Yes, obviously.

I did see the SP skits. The leadin was great! I'm not a fan of rap, but the lyrics were funny. Had to choke down the bile when SP started groovin'.

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