Friday, October 17, 2008

A Great, Big Sarah Palin Shout Out to Ishmael

Or this coulda been titled "Here's Lookin' at you, Ish."

See, for some reason, Fishmeal at ADQ, thinks the rainbow lorikeets have it in for him. So, I've decided to put up some BENIGN pics of some little, cute, harmless, lories just having their brekkie.

But before I get to that, let me tell you that you've still got time to enter the Sarah Palin Caption Contest. So go to the comments on that post and get SNARKY!

rainbow lorikeet in feeder 01
See Ish, aren't I cute?

rainbow lorikeet in feeder 02
Barnum and Bailey don't gots nothin' on me!

rainbow lorikeet in feeder 03
Mmmmmmm, this one tastes like fISH!

rainbow lorikeet in feeder 04
Jus' practicin' muh evil aye!

Now that the poor persecuted rainbow lorikeets have had their say... here's mine:

There will be no sarcasm or humor spewing forthwith from this blog today. Why? Well, it's 26 C in the shade right now, and 42 C in the sun. I've already had my swim in the pool (as the water temp was warmer than the air temp at 7:00 am this morning) and I've decided to take this wonderful spring day off and go hide in the woods... with a book... and a big ole sub sandwich... and a pillow... and a blanket in case it gets cold.

Cheers all!

For the mathematically challenged (drunken blogger) bloke on ADQ, 26 C is 79 F, and 42 C is 108 F.


Gretchen said...

You take such beautiful pictures! If you don't mind my asking, what kind of camera do you use ?

Jim and Heather on Meerkat said...

No sarcasm?
No humor?
Eek - gotta go.

Ishmael said...

Those are smart critters.... Like the velocoraptor (fast birds of prey) dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. You can see in their eyes them plotting against me.

And thanks for the C-to-F conversion.... I couldn't have done that conversion in my head stone cold sober.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...
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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Gretchen: I have, oops I mean my wifey-poo has, a Fuji S6500fd. I got it for her birthday last year and we both use it equally. It takes great photos in the bright daylight, has excellant macro and super macro settings, has every preset you can think of, and the telephoto zoom is great as it's a manual zoom. The auto focus is spot on in most situations. The manual focus is very good too. It's not a "real" DSLR as you can't change the lens, but it's darned nice and a darned good price. It takes very nice videos, and has a great continuous shooting feature. Once you learn the ins and outs of it there's not much you can't do. You can also put it on full manual control for those of us who actually remember apeture, f-stop, film speed and all those other tricky things.

I tend to leave it mainly on full automatic, or high-speed sports mode. I do occasionally use the manual focus. The manual zoom is used CONSTANTLY and I'm glad that feature isn't battery operated.

Uses 4 AA batteries. We use NiMh and have a 30 min quick charger and 4 spare sets so we never run out. Only have to change the batteries about once a week, and the camera is a couple of hours daily.

Uses xD cards; a 2 meg SD will give you 680 pics (or about 30 mins of high quality video) at the top res of 6.1 mpix (640 X 480 for video).

We're very pleased with it, and no, Fuji didn't pay me for this plug.

However, if you want something that'll slip into a pocket and go anywhere and take any abuse then I wouldn't suggest this camera. The one that Jill uses

would be much better suited for things like that.

Oh yeah; the hand grip on the fuji is perfectly sized. Nice feature.

Hey, you asked!

Heather: Yeah, like I was serious?

Fishmeal: V-E-L-O-C-I-R-A-P-T-O-R And yes, I have heard them plotting about how to get you if you ever come down here. Man you should hear the nasty plots they've come up with!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Gretchen: just to clarify, the camera uses xD cards, NOT SD cards.

Gretchen said...

Thank you for all the info!! Right now the only camera I have is a measly 6mega pixel digi, but it works for everyday use, and it fit my price range at the time. I am currently saving up for a nice DSLR though.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Gretchen: Yeah, we want a DSLR too. Gotta wait till the drop in price though. This fuji will do nicely till then :)