Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah Palin Hot Tree Sex!

*Since the football game ran late, we join the following show in progress*

...The intrepid papparazzi photographer from Chatanika slowly creeps through the outhouse graveyard in search of the extremely elusive Sarah Palin.

His search is rewarded as he spots Sarah (SP) and Tawd (TP) in a tree!


SP: Taaawwwwwd! Git over here an' give mama sum luvin'!

TP: Ahhh, yore Tawdy's gunna git lucky!

*smack, slurp, drool*


TP: YEE-HA! Yore Tawd's gittin' ready!


TP: Yore Tawd's gunna ride you like muh Ski-Doo!


SP: Doncha know I'm ALWAYS on TOP!


SP: Hey! That wuz quicker'n last time!

TP: I gots a race to git to!

SP: Alright dear, you go win sum more gold for mama!

TP: Yee-ha!

SP: While yore out racin', Ah'm headin' on down to the carwash. Gotta go look me up some, uhhhh, figures with Brad.

And on a totally unrelated note, the morning gang of cockies sure do enjoy their sunrises:
cockatoo watching sunrise
The railing on the upper deck seems custom designed for these buggers.

several cockatoos watching sunrise
There are six cockatoos in that pic. Can you find them all?

BTW, for those of you knot from the interior, just google "chatanika" and "outhouse". Good times up there!

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