Friday, October 03, 2008

Sarah Palin And OhSheeAnnAwGriffy

Oh my! This is just too easy...

Here's a pic of my girlfriend, Sarah Palin, on the top of a tree. Can you just IMAGINE the thoughts going through her head?
sarah palin as oceanographer

Shall we find out what semi-coherent thoughts are going through her head? Well, one thing is for sure: The thoughts passing through don't need to stop and ask for directions and they sure didn't blink! Yup! Yup!

*Wow! I can sea the see from up here!*

*Oh, lookie! There's a dall-finn swimmin' 'round.*

"Taaawwwwwd! Fetch me muh shotgun!"

"Yes ma."

*I'll bet they taste like dall sheep. Same name.*

*Hmmmm, didn't I read somewheres abouts them dall-finns bein' somethin' called "krustaahhsheons"?*

*Dammit! I don' wanna eat no shellfish.*

*I 'member sometin' abouts them folks in Norway huntin' dall-finns.*




*Ha! Northway!*

"Taaaaawwwwwd! Fetch me muh blueberry!"

"Yes ma."

*Now lesseee... uncle Ted made talk of sumtin 'bout a series of tubes.*

*Ah! He also said sumtin 'bout a gettin' a google *snicker, hope she was purdy* in the mail... Sheeeeeeyit! If'n Tawd knows I could mail 'em to 'im he'd be checkin' the box ever' darned day!*

*Here we go. Northway.*

*WTF???? How in tarnation can a tiny village that ain't even on the sea eat dall-finns 'n wails?? An' ware's this A-L-A-S-K-A place anyhow? Sounds commie to me!*

"Taaaaaawwwwwwd! What's a Norway?"

"It's a Skanklenavian State ma!"

*Damned Skanks! I knews it wus them! Messin' things up for us honest, decent folk.*





"Yes ma?"

"Why you been bringin' your boy-toy 'round 'ere?"

"But he's workin' now ma. Gots himself a job over at gran's meth lab!"

"Good! The boy's fine-lee goin' places! Now go scoot and take care o' your kid. I mean MY kid!"


"Yes ma?"

"Whut wuz I jus' thinkin'?"

"Ummmm, you were about to send me a google."

Why did I name one of galahs that hangs around Sarah Palin? Well, calling someone a "galah", or a "big galah", or a "silly galah" is basically like calling them a clown. Galahs are like that. They are also referred to as a Clown Parrot. Something like someone spouting off platitudes without knowing what they mean and trying to sound smart. They are also good a "parroting back" what they are told without knowing anything.


Mel Keegan said...

It's like being in America in this Time of Crisis, rushing to the White House and finding out that the First Family is called Clampett. Or Kettle.

Cousin Jethro for Veep!


Anonymous said...

Sounded like the debate last night. "I may not answer the questions the moderator wants me to..." What!?

Ishmael said...

Dingo Dave, that is a great post.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Mel: It's kinda been like this for 8 years now, eh?

Scienceguy: I was going to add some winks and such but I wanted to get the post up quick.

Ish: Gosh, golly, aw shucks... THANKS! *blush*
Truthfully, I could have gone on and on. I had so many topics that I wanted to put in but the post would've been book length! It's just too EASY with the crap they spew.